9 of the Best Kindness Podcasts for Kids
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9 of the Best Kindness Podcasts for Kids

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Top 20 Podcasts for Kids
9 of the Best Kindness Podcasts for Kids 3

Years ago, podcasts were geared towards adults and typically featured news-based topics. However, the past five years have seen an explosion in podcast listeners. Nowadays, you’ll even find podcasts featured on big streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. There’s a podcast about practically everything, making them a great teaching resource.

If you want to teach your kids about the power of kindness, a podcast is an engaging way to do so. But where exactly can you find a kindness podcast? Keep reading below for a list of fifteen of the best kindness podcasts!

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9 of the Best Kindness Podcasts for Kids 4

Podcasts You’ll Be Sure to Quote 

Teaching kids about kindness is no walk in the park. However, many podcasts offer quick bites of information and short stories, which you as parents can even quote and refer to during tense moments with your kids.

1. Circle Round 

If your child learns well through storytelling, this is the kindness podcast for them! Circle Round is a children’s podcast broadcasted by WBUR. It uses adapted folktales to teach kids about empathy, kindness, and how to manage emotions in healthy ways.

2. Short and Curly

It can be hard to be kind sometimes, which younger kids tend to struggle with. Introducing the basics of ethics and morals can help kids understand the importance of (literally) practicing kindness.

Short and Curly opens up discussion between parents and kids by asking engaging questions. For example, one of its recent episodes, “Are Some Pranks Just Not Okay?” gives kids a chance to reflect on what actions may seem funny to the prankster but unkind to others.

3. Peace Out

Produced by Rob Griffiths, Peace Out features short stories that help kids build mindfulness skills and tools for emotional regulation. This is a great way to promote kindness in a more practical and applicable way. 

4. Kind World

If you’re looking for a genuinely inspiring podcast, this is the one. Kind World is a bit more mature, but young listeners can still gain insight. Kind World features real-world stories that show that kindness is not a lost art. It’s a great way to show kids just how they can promote kindness in their daily lives and with those around them.

Best Kindness Podcasts for Older Kids

It can be tricky to talk to teenagers about kindness and empathy. It’s essential to find podcasts that are informational but not condescending.

5. Connect Kindness Podcast

Connect Kindness Podcast is a great way to learn about organizations and charities working to create a better world. The hosts, Krystal Aziz and Tim Evans, interview founders and directors of nonprofit organizations and give details on how listeners can volunteer for or support them.

6. The Mindful Kind

Mindfulness is one of the most popular buzzwords these days—and for a good reason! Mindfulness can help people to relax their thoughts and unravel their emotions.

The Mindful Kind host, Rachael Kable, speaks about her own experiences with mindfulness. Her goal is to empower listeners and encourage them to live mindfully in more meaningful ways. Many of these episodes promote positive thinking and extending kindness to those around you.

7. The Kindness Podcast

The Kindness Podcast, hosted by Nicole Phillips, also gives insight into the work of charities and nonprofits. However, it also offers a platform for other inspirational activists to discuss how they’re spreading kindness and their messages to people around the world.

8. The Kind Mind Project

Hosted by the bubbly Emily Helderman, the Kind Mind Project specifically gears towards young women. This is an excellent choice for older teenage girls who may not feel comfortable seeking advice from their parents.

Emily’s podcast promotes self-kindness and gives listeners tips for building healthier mindsets and personal growth resources. It’s the perfect podcast for teens, as they’re at an age where insecurity levels are high, and self-confidence levels are low. 

9. WAHL Show 

Hosted by Dr. Mike Wahl, the Wellness and Healthy Living (WAHL) Show guides listeners through the complexities of mental wellness. The show focuses on expert guests, like doctors and researchers, to educate listeners and provide tools they can use.

Discover the Best Kindness Podcast

Podcasts may seem like a fad, but they’re a great educational tool. Your kids can listen to them while they play or during their downtime. With the list above, you’ll be able to find the perfect kindness podcast for your kids.

Looking for more ways to promote kindness in your kids’ lives? Check out our Local Anchor Facebook group for more ideas.

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