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HOLIDAY HELPERS: Local Anchor Wants to Adopt 100+ Local Families This Christmas

Local Anchor Wants to Adopt 100+ Local Families This Christmas

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Local Anchor Wants to Adopt 100+ Local Families This Christmas 2

This holiday season, Local Anchor is hoping to adopt 100+ local families! We will be partnering with Momentum, a non-profit organization, to help us get these gifts to those in need. If you are interested in helping out, see below or sign up here!

Momentum CARES is a year-round campaign created to provide for additional support for unexpected needs that our families, staff members, and people we support may have throughout the year. This program is especially needed around the holidays.  From providing resources so that Early Head Start families will have something special for their Thanksgiving dinner, to sourcing items on families’ “wish lists” for the holidays, to making sure we provide quality and innovative programs. 

Momentum programs include an Early Head Start Program, supporting low-income families, children in foster care, and families facing homelessness.

Local Anchor Wants to Adopt 100+ Local Families This Christmas

Our campaign kicks off the week of Thanksgiving and there are several ways you can support!

  1. Adopt-a-Family – You can team up with friends & family, ask your employer to participate, or sign up your local business so you can ask your customers to help.
  2. Purchase items from the Momentum Amazon Wish List.
  3. Make a donation to Momentum Cares. (Coming soon- sign up for updates)
  4. Help us get the word out to the community by sharing this post or inviting people to join our Facebook event.
  5. Volunteer – We will have several opportunities like gift wrapping events.  Details coming soon and will be shared via our email.

Shop and drop your items at the following locations

Momentum Pediatric Therapy Network Office
Front Desk
1815 213th Street, Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90501
December 1st – 16th
Monday-Friday (9am-4pm)

Keller Williams Beach Cities
Front Desk
830 CA-1, Suite 200
El Segundo, Ca 90245
The Point Plaza: Access point via North East Corner of the building via glass doors the suite is located on the second floor
Monday to Friday / 9 AM to 4 PM

We are so humbled by those already showing up to support! 

Sign up today!

Momentum, Innovative Disability Services

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a family?

After you register to adopt your family, we provide a detailed wish list and family profile for each of our families. Sponsors then ‘adopt’ a family and purchase the items on their wish list. Items may be delivered to the locations listed above, unwrapped and labeled with the family number. If you are interested in wrapping the gifts, please reach out to us and we will include you on the distribution emails about further volunteer opportunities.

How much should I spend?

We’ve provided a handy tool to help you determine how much to spend on your adopted family or individual. Please note, these are only suggestions.

Family Size Suggested Amount
Individual: $50 – $70
Family of 2: $90 – $130
Family of 3: $130 – $190
Family of 4: $170 – $250
Family of 5: $220 – $320
Family of 6: $260 – $380

What Gifts Should I Give my adopted family?

In your Adopted Family Assigned email, we have included detailed wish lists provided by the families. We ask that each sponsor do their best to provide the requested gifts, as well as a grocery store gift card to allow the families to purchase and prepare a holiday meal. Of course, if you would like to go above and beyond the requested items, that is perfectly fine!

What happens if I realize I am unable to participate after being matched?

We suggest that you reach out to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to see if they would like to help you in fulfilling the family’s Wishlist. Sharing the opportunity to bring joy and relief to a family in need is an honor and a gift in it of itself.

If you’re still not able to participate, we would need to know this as soon as possible. News of being adopted for the holiday brings tremendous relief from many stresses experienced by families, and efforts to locate another donor would be very important. Please contact Katie Kang, Director of Early Head Start at Momentum Pediatric Therapy Network, via email at kkang@momentum4all.org, as soon as you realize you will not be able to participate.

I can’t adopt a family, how can I help?

You can purchase any of the suggested items below and deliver them to one of the locations listed above! We are looking for the following gift items:
Winter clothing for children and adults; Jackets and Sweatshirts, Pants and Shirts, Rain Gear
Shoes and Socks, Pajamas
Toys that spark imagination, Transportation toys, Art Kits, Legos and other building toys, Wooden Puzzles, Action/Character Figurines, Dolls, Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Sonic, Pokemon, Roblox, Minecraft, Paw Patrols, etc.
Car seats and boosters (must be new)
Pretend Play Dress up Clothes, Babies and Toddlers Toys, Sports Balls, Family Board Games
Technology, Bluetooth Speakers, Earphones and headphones, Handheld video game console with games, Tablets/iPads, Teen Makeup, hair supplies, 
Backpack filled with school supplies

We are also lookin for holiday wrapping supplies like wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, & bows.

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