28 of the Best Coffee Shops In the South Bay
Best Coffee In the South Bay

Best Coffee In the South Bay

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Best Coffee In the South Bay

That cup of coffee is important to everyone, especially tired parents. It’s the mood-booster essential to a good morning, it’s the afternoon-pick-me-up you need to recharge during a tough day. Luckily some of the best coffee in Los Angeles is located here in the South Bay. If you’re living in, or headed to, the South Bay check out our list of coffee shops worthy of a visit.

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Best Coffee In the South Bay

South Bay locals want the best coffee shop for the job. Maybe you’re the connoisseur type, who wants a local shop that knows its beans, roast, origin, and brew? Or maybe you want that cozy feeling you get with the right location and vibe. Looking for the best cup of coffee in the South Bay can be about more than just the cup of coffee, right? I can also be about the atmosphere, the service, the vibe, the location, the yummy delights, or the friendly barista. Read our guide below, whether you’re a visiter or a local, for all the coffee shops you need to get your caffeine fix in the South Bay.

El Segundo Coffee

Philz Coffee

Custom-blended coffees, teas, specialty drinks, and pastries are all available at this laid-back neighborhood brand.

They concentrate on making the greatest drip coffee possible. Baristas dedicated to personalizing the client experience create each cup one at a time.

Blue Butterfly Coffee Co.

Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. has been locally owned and operated for 26 years, and is named after the endangered El Segundo Butterfly. They’ve been sharing coffee, delicious cuisine, and our lives with our neighborhood for 26 years. Dale and Toni Inghram, the owners, are active members of the El Segundo community. Dale Inghram is a certified Q-Grader for coffee. Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters is his second coffee roasting enterprise. Smoky Hollow Coffee Roasters provides Blue Butterfly Coffee Co. with all of their coffee beans.

Offset Coffee

You’ll discover your old favorites at Offset Coffee, as well as a rotating roaster of seasonal items fresh to the South Bay. Customers can take advantage of the convenience of online ordering or rent a mobile pop-up for special occasions.

Two Guns Espresso – 5 Locations in El Segundo & Manhattan Beach 

Founded in 2011 by two Kiwis who wanted to bring what they loved about New Zealand’s coffee culture to the South Bay of Los Angeles. Two Guns is dedicated to providing courteous service, delicious food, and some of the best coffee.

Two Guns has developed a two-bean blend with Dillanos Coffee Roasters that they serve as their own premium espresso. Dark chocolate deliciousness with candied pecan and notes of dried fruit is what you can expect.

Redondo Beach Coffee

Boy and The Bear

In 2012, entrepreneur Andres Pieros opened The Boy & The Bear – Coffee Roastery as a pop-up shop in Villavicencio, Colombia, with the intention of providing only Colombian coffees. Their new coffee brand’s goal was to cultivate tight ties with coffee farmers and work directly with those who supply our beans. You can enjoy exotic and uncommon specialty coffee in Los Angeles, thanks to incredible farmers, who produce high-quality coffee in a country that produces some of the world’s best coffees.

kirari west

“Kirari West” is a family owned bake shop that originated in Japan.  Yoshi Saito (The Father) and Yoichi Saito (The Older Brother) came up with the concept of creating delicious pastries with locally grown quality rice flour instead of wheat. In 2011, the Saito family opened the first store, “Kirari” in the City of Fukushima. Kirari became the first and only store in the region to carry exclusively non-wheat pastries.

Sacks On the Beach

Sacks on the Beach offers beach-goers a selection of fresh gourmet favorites! The perfect spot to grab a cup of java before a morning stroll on the beach.

Hi-Fi Espresso

Hi-Fi believes in the positive powers of coffee and design. A high quality cup can kickstart a day, ignite the imagination, and inspire creativity. Coffee is their passion, community is their mission, and collaboration is their desire.

Stumptown Nitro Cold Brew On Tap at Phanny’s

Stumptown starts with the highest quality coffee, cold brew it without heat for over 12 hours, then use a double filtration process to procure the end result: a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish. Feelings of invincibility and euphoria are likely to follow.

Klatch Coffee

An informal gathering for the best coffee and conversation, simply stated, is what Klatch is. For more than 27 years, Klatch has been serving up award-winning coffee with great conversation. Based in Los Angeles, this family business started out of a love for great coffee with one retail store and has evolved into a global wholesale roaster with its coffee featured daily on three continents and a retailer with eight locations (and counting).

Pursue Coffee

Handcrafted specialty coffee shop pouring cups made with love.

Sacks in the City

Sacks in the City is a great spot when you want a bite to go with your coffee. Their menu includes sandwiches, salads, fresh juices, full coffee bar and more.

Coffee Cartel

Cozy, quirky coffeehouse with bookshelves and a chill vibe, plus occasional live music. You’ll definitely want to check out their Lavender latte!

Yellow Vase 

The experience of Yellow Vase Bakery, Cafe & Flowers is unlike any other local restaurant—imagine entering a cafe and immediately being tempted by decadent pastries and the aroma of coffee, then seeing a menu that boast delicious breakfast and lunch items. You might come for the coffee, but you definitely won’t be leaving with out a bite to eat.

La Terraza

La Terraza Redondo Beach (LTRB) opened just six weeks before COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. LTRB reopened in June 2020, thanks to the great support of the South Bay community and visitors. Beto’s family favorite recipes, such as Grandma Josie and Tia Mona’s Tamales and his Dad’s (Mario) salsa, have been integrated into Carlos’ already delectable menu. Beto and Cynthia, along with their daughter Samantha, want to deliver a unique experience to the South Bay and its guests as a family-oriented company. Bienvenidos!

Manhattan Beach Coffee

Bluestone Lane Manhattan Beach

Bluestone Lane is an Australian-inspired coffee shop, café, and lifestyle brand dedicated to offering all of our residents a genuine daily retreat. They provide great coffee and nutritious, delicious food in a warm, friendly environment that reflects their ‘Aussie’ way of life.

Bluestone Lane Coffee is inspired by Melbourne, Australia’s renowned coffee culture capital, where excellent coffee is a way of life.

Verve Coffee Roasters

From seed to cup, their craft, ritual, and passion is coffee. They are bridging the gap between farm and street level with an attention to detail that shines through in every cup.

Reborn Coffee at Manhattan Village

REBORN is dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee. They exclusively choose premium specialty coffees that can be traced back to their origins. The most critical aspect of producing wonderful coffee is choosing a decent green coffee bean. The REBORN PROCESS begins with the reconditioning of green beans, which has been done at Reborn Roasting Works since the beginning. Their coffee stands out from the crowd because of their one-of-a-kind green bean processing technology. Washing, germination, and drying are the three main components of the Reborn Process, permitting a green coffee bean to grow beyond its ideal capacity. From the aroma to the finish, each stage of the process has a significant impact on the taste of their coffee. The REBORN PROCESS coffees have a higher quality and have been proven to be more nuanced, delicious, yet clean and delicate in taste.

Hermosa Beach Coffee

Hi-Fi Espresso

Just like their Redondo Beach location, Hi Fi puts passion and creativity into every cup, making it some of the best coffee in the neighborhood.

Lucky 7 Coffee

This specialty coffee shop in Hermosa Beach serves up a minimal menu with some surprising eclectic selections, like the Chagaccino mushroom coffee and Mermaid latte. You’ll also find a kid-specific menu including a Babyccino.

Java Man

This small, but cozy coffee shop serves light fare with changing local art display on the walls and outdoor seating.

Palos Verdes & Rolling Hills Coffee

Yellow Vase 

Just like the Redondo Beach location you’ll be immediately tempted by decadent pastries and the aroma of coffee from the moment you walk in. And you won’t be leaving without a pastry and a cup of the best coffee.

RVRNT – Reverent Coffee Bar

The modern, sleek aesthetic of the interior screams trendy LA coffee shop, but the atmosphere in this spot is nothing but friendly and welcoming. With a thoughtfully curated menu of drinks and pastries you’ll definitely be coming back for some of the best coffee again and again.

Torrance Coffee

Offset Coffee

Offset is the South Bay’s only Multi-Roaster Coffee Shop, carrying the likes of 49th Parallel, Heart, Onyx Coffee Lab, Sweet Bloom, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and many more. If you have a specific brew in mind, they are sure to meet your craving.

Old Torrance Coffee & Tea

A family owned business that employs a terrific team of talented baristas.  OTCT was established in 2010 and quickly became an important part of the Old Torrance community. OTCT serves a variety of specialty coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, pastries, desserts, and other food items.  Stop in on the way to work for your morning cup of coffee, or enjoy breakfast on our patio on the weekend.

Carson Coffee

The Green Door

Developing new standards for brewing in Los Angeles and serving decadent pastries from the best bakeries in Southern California.

San Pedro Coffee

Sirens Java & Tea

Sirens Java & Tea is a unique coffee house with a rustic vibe. A one of a kind mosaic artwork adorns the interior. Located in the Historic Downtown San Pedro Art District, they promote environmental and community sustainability practices by purchasing their coffee from a Direct impact distributor. From the roasting, processing ,packaging and coffee-related products they are committed to promoting a culture of sustainability.

Hawthorne Coffee

Urth Caffe

Founded in 1989, Urth Caffé is widely considered the first roasting company in America to offer exclusively organically grown, heirloom coffees. Each season they choose the very finest beans from their farmers – carefully selecting only a small percentage of the crop representing the coffee’s finest seasonal flavor and characteristics. The flavor profile of their blends changes from season to season – always presenting exciting new characteristics.

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