The Best Places to Trick or Treat In Los Angeles
best places to trick or treat in los angeles

The Best Places to Trick or Treat In Los Angeles

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All dressed up for Halloween night, now where should you go? When it comes to the best places to trick or treat in Los Angeles, some neighborhoods go all out with Halloween decorations and special effects, making the experience even more spectacular for the whole family. If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods and spots, check out our list of the best places to trick or treat in Los Angeles.

best places to trick or treat in los angeles
The Best Places to Trick or Treat In Los Angeles 2

Best Places to Trick Or Treat In Los Angeles

From haunted houses to amazing decorations, there are neighborhoods across Los Angeles that really get into the spirit of Halloween. Here are a few of our favorites:

Toluca Lake

You really can’t go wrong on any street in Toluca Lake, the former home of Bob Hope, where the Halloween spirit can be felt on every corner. This normally quiet neighborhood transforms into a Halloween wonderland of spooky decorations. The best part about this spot is that the entire area gets in on it, meaning you don’t have to walk further than the surrounding streets to get your fill of decorations (and candy)!

Culver City

The Heart of Screenland really knows how to create the magic for Halloween fun. The best spots in the area around Veterans Park, Lindberg Park, and Culver City High School.

South Pasadena

This residential area is legendary when it comes to Halloween trick-or-treating. You really can’t go wrong anywhere in the neighborhood that hands out plenty of candy to go with the spectacular decorations. Fans of scary movies will want to be on the lookout for the notorious Michael Myers’ Halloween house at 1000 Mission Street, which was used in the original film starring a teenage Jamie Lee Curtis.

Angelino Heights

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles is definitely home to a ghost or two. The old Victorian homes don’t even need decorations to look spooky, but they get all dressed up anyway, making this a popular destination to trick or treat, especially with the older kids.

Pacific Palisades

You’ll find plenty of treats and tricks in the Palisades, especially in the North Village area (just North of Sunset Boulevard).

Venice Canals

Exploring the canals is always a unique adventure for boat lovers, but on Halloween, it’s an especially good place to be. The houses and boats are all decked out in decorations, and you’ll also enjoy a car-free zone making it the perfect family-friendly event.

Sherwood Forest

This hidden neighborhood near CSUN is known for attracting plenty of attention on Halloween. The houses go all out, especially the pocket off of Nordhoff and Balboa.

Beverly Hills

If you grew up in LA, you undoubtedly heard the urban legends that Beverly Hills was one of the best places to trick or treat in Los Angeles because of the full-size candy bars. We’re not sure if that is pure myth, but you certainly won’t be disappointed by the neighborhood that is home to the famed witch’s house on Walden Drive.

North Santa Monica

Off of Montana near the Brentwood Country Mart, just about any street you walk down is a great place to check out Halloween tricks and plenty of sweet treats. If you’re looking for a fun scare, the Haunted House at 16th and Georgina is a must-visit. Just be prepared for a wait to enter.

Long Beach

The South Bay knows how to scare up a Happy Halloween! Just take a stroll down First or Second Street and go as long as your little ghouls will walk. You’ll find a seemingly endless supply of Halloween tricks and candy all the way down to Naples Island.

What are your picks for the best places to trick or treat in Los Angeles? Share any neighborhoods we missed in the Local Anchor Facebook group.

Looking for more Halloween activities for kids of all ages? Check out our guide to the best pumpkin patches in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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