Best Sushi in the South Bay
Best Sushi in the South Bay

Best Sushi in the South Bay

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Best Sushi in the South Bay

Best Sushi in the South Bay

With so many choices for sushi in the South Bay, how do you choose? We’ve got you covered with a list of South Bay Sushi Restaurants for when you have that craving that’s totally impossible to shake! Sometimes sushi is a splurge, sometimes it’s fun and inexpensive, but no matter the price range, going to eat it is always an occasion! No matter what kind of sushi you like, you’ll be hard pressed not to find some fresh favorites while exploring the area. Our top picks cover a variety of perfect places to hit the spot, so be sure to stop in on each one on the list, so you don’t miss any South Bay favs!

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Manhattan Beach Sushi 

Fusion Sushi

The fun & friendly atmosphere of the sushi bar and the beautiful presentation of each dish with their remarkable and distinctive flavors have made us an experience that inspires our guests to return again and again.

Sushi I-NABA

Sushi I-NABA Manhattan Beach is a family owned Japanese restaurant that has numerous locations nationwide. We opened our first location in Torrance in 1999, and have expanded over the years to our newest addition in Manhattan Beach. We are able to synergize the rich history bestowed in this great community alongside with the meticulousness of our chef to create a picture-perfect unforgettable dining experience.

Hermosa Beach Sushi

Yanagi Kitchen

Our sushi rice is seasoned with Gluten Free / NO MSG vinegar. Our sauces have NO MSG.  Our house sesame dressing is made with vinegar and Gluten Free Tamari soy.  Our seaweed salad is Gluten Free and has NO MSG.  The list goes on, but most importantly, we try to create a dish which we can proudly enjoy with our own family.


Traditional sushi of the highest quality based on Chef Nozawa’s style of sushi. Our passion is to carry forward his great tradition and style of food – which many believe is the best sushi there is.

Rok Sushi

ROK Sushi Kitchen is Hermosa Beach, California’s newest and freshest Japanese fusion restaurant, located on Hermosa Avenue at the Hermosa Pier. Come experience our fusion of traditional sushi with California kitchen cuisine.

Redondo Beach Sushi 

Sushi Chitose

Our expertise is traditional sushi. Our sushi features the freshest and highest quality fish flown in fresh from Japan and all over the world.  We use only the finest ingredients without any refine sugars. We use organic maple sugars. Our mission is to serve food that is not only delicious and enjoyable but also healthy.

Hoka Hoka Sushi

Our daily challenge: highest quality ingredients according to traditional recipes freshly interpreted and served with a lot of passion for the guest! Enjoy fine Sushi & Roll and exquisite service.

Yanagi Bistro

The philosophy is to use only the highest grade ingredients and freshest fish we can find.  With foundations in traditional Japanese sushi, and contemporary creation, Yanagi specializes in modern yet authentic Japanese cuisine.


JAPONICA is a Sushi/Izakaya Japanese restaurant in Redondo Beach where you can not only enjoy authentic Japanese favorites such as sushi and sashimi, but also multi-national dishes based on Japanese culinary method in a cool, yet casual atmosphere.

Flying Fin

At Flyin’ Fin, we pride ourselves to serve only premium fresh ingredients to customers. With a dedication to carefully hand-selected fresh fish as well as other seafood items every morning, we only hope for you to experience the finest sushi with a relaxed vibe.

El Segundo Sushi 

Kaya Sushi

one of the pioneering restaurants dedicated to contemporary Japanese cuisine, the family-operated establishment has provided its unique menu with a personal touch to the beach communities of Southern California for nearly two decades.

Fansea Sushi

Contemporary and authentic sushi features ‘omakase’ as well as premium sushi box. Serving fresh and high quality fish.

Torrance Sushi

Sushi Gone Wild

Mr. Kim has been one of the most beloved sushi chefs in the South Bay for over a decade, originating at Paradise Sushi in Hermosa Beach.  Friends drive from all over Southern California to visit Mr. Kim at Sushi Gone Wild.  He is a gracious host and will have you laughing and begging for more sake all night!

Japanese eatery providing sushi, some kitchen fare & combination plates in a casual setting.

Sushi Nozomi

Fresh seasonal fish flown in from Tsukiji and Fukuoka.  Our Sushi Chefs will prepare them in Japanese style Sushi.

Toyo Sushi

Modest Asian eatery featuring a large menu that includes grilled fare, Korean BBQ & bento boxes.

Gardena Sushi

Sushi Island

Our meals are made to order. Please phone ahead to shorten your wait time.

San Pedro Sushi

Sushi 21

Casual venue featuring signature rolls, teriyaki & other Japanese eats, plus all-you-can eat deals.

Lomita Sushi

Sushi Delight

At Sushi Delight, we combine the fantastic flavors of our sushi and Japanese food with the relaxed atmosphere of a casual bar.  Our Japanese restaurant sports an extensive sushi menu with rolls ranging from the expected to the exotic.  With a generally quiet and relaxed ambiance, our sushi bar provides an outstanding option for a laid-back lunch and is always a treat.

Okane Umi

Established in 2017, Okane Umi is a family-owned local business that serves delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine to the Greater Los Angeles community

Long Beach Sushi 

Sushi On Fire

Sushi On Fire is about good food, fun, and happiness. We’ve been here since 2005. Our dishes are known as the best fusion and traditional Japanese sushi dishes


Step into Aburi for a fun and family friendly premium all you can eat dining experience. Aburi offers a vast variety of appetizers, traditional rolls, specialty rolls, nigiri, and sashimi to excite any palate!

Playa Del Rey Sushi 

Sushi Beluga

Sushi Beluga specializes in preparing sashimi, nigiri, ramen, hand rolls, and an assortment of

complimentary dishes.

If you’re looking for more places to eat around the South Bay, check out some of our recent articles on our website:

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