Must Try New South Bay Restaurants
New Must Try Local South Bay Restaurants

New Must Try Local South Bay Restaurants

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New Must try Local South Bay Restaurants
New Must Try Local South Bay Restaurants 4

Updated for 2022! There are so many great options for Los Angeles restaurants, especially when it comes to South Bay restaurants. But if you are looking to try something new, then you are going to love our list of New Must Try Local South Bay Restaurants! Reach out and let us know if we missed one! 

Must Try New South Bay Restaurants

New Restaurants in El Segundo 

Fogo De Chao

Fogo de Cho® (fo-go dèe shown) is a world-famous Brazilian restaurant where visitors may discover what’s next at every turn. Fogo®, which was founded in 1979 in Southern Brazil, transforms the centuries-old culinary tradition of churrasco – roasting high-quality pieces of beef over an open flame – into a cultural dining experience.

Guests can taste simply-seasoned meats that are slaughtered, fire-roasted, and sliced tableside by gaucho chefs, in addition to the Market Table and Feijoada Bar, which features seasonal salads and soups, fresh vegetables, imported charcuterie, and more. Indulge in dry-aged or premium Wagyu cuts, a la carte seafood, an award-winning South American wine selection, and an all-day happy hour with Brazilian-inspired cocktails, as well as smaller, sharable portions in Bar Fogo.

New Restaurants in Manhattan Beach  


Sweetgreen is on a mission to link people with healthy food in order to create healthier communities. They believe that the foods we eat, where they come from, and how they’re cooked have a direct and strong impact on people’s health, communities’ health, and the environment. They’re active in every stage of the supply chain, from seed to store, working with partners and farmers they know and trust. Every day, they create great cuisines from scratch in each sweetgreen, utilizing fresh produce brought that day.

BOA Steakhouse | Coming Soon

BOA is unlike any other steakhouse you’ve ever visited. To create a really unique eating experience, they revamped the conventional American steakhouse. That experience is daring, cutting-edge, and forward-thinking. From the seductively beautiful interior to the dry-aged prime steaks, everything about this restaurant is alluring. BOA’s bright environment is just as enticing as the food.

Sushi Roku | Coming Soon

Sushi Roku blends the best, freshest fish from pristine waters throughout the world with the kind of artistry that can only be offered by an experienced sushi chef, resulting in superb traditional sushi with a dash of California innovation. Sushi Roku is a contemporary sushi pioneer, mixing a wide range of non-traditional ingredients from Latin America (jalapeos, for example) and Europe (olive oil, for example) into its delicious works of art.


Silverlake Ramen was born from a desire and experience for crafting ramen of exceptional quality and using traditional ingredients.

Silverlake epitomizes Los Angeles’ free attitude and laid-back vibe. Cooked up by two chefs who were inspired by their love of noodles and ramen, they envisioned a brand that was unpretentious and unique in its approach. This is similar to the setting in which ramen was created. We’re now serving out bowls of that mood in locations all over the country.

Their objective is to provide you with delicious, inexpensive cuisine that is prepared with care. They’re ramen addicts who can’t wait to share their excitement with you…straight from their kitchen to your bowl!

New South Bay Restaurants in Hermosa Beach 

Fox and farrow

Fox & Farrow is Hermosa Beach’s hottest eating place, elevating the South Bay culinary experience. Fox & Farrow is a sensory treat, serving food and drinks created by Chef Darren Weiss’ unrivaled ability. Darren and Seth, brothers, are resurrecting their old partnership, this time with an elegant hunting lodge décor and a delectable meal.

Chef Darren has created a menu that includes old Darren’s favorites as well as new Fox & Farrow-approved dishes like Blackened Hanger Steak and Lamb Sliders. The drink menu features both classics and fresh creations by mixologists. And the newly renovated decor is unlike anything else in town.

RYLA Restaurant & Bar

RYLA Restaurant & Bar by Chef Ray Hayashi. Seasonal SoCal fare inspired by reimagined Asian cuisines set in vibrant Hermosa Beach.

New Restaurants in Redondo Beach  

lil’ Vegerie

lil’ Vegerie is a plant-based take-out restaurant where eating healthy is both delicious and simple. Bowls, salads, freshly made juices, and more are available. Everything on our menu is vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free, and we try to stay away from processed foods whenever possible. We believe that eating more plants makes everyone healthier and happier.

Sweet Wheat Bakery

When you walk into Sweet Wheat, you’ll be welcomed into an exceptional French bakery and cafe in a family-friendly, neighborhood setting. Whether you’re looking for a gourmet breakfast, a quick, nutritious lunch, a great pre-beach-day snack, or an evening aperitif, they claim you’ll find authentic and tasty culinary options. Sweet Wheat, which is open seven days a week and serves a variety of savory and sweet items ranging from almond croissants to beef bourguignon, becomes a must-have at all hours of the day.

New Restaurants in Torrance 


Piccini is the narrative of Gaetano’s Restaurant, a Torrance institution since 1993. Vince Giuliano and his family’s ambition of opening an Italian takeaway restaurant in the South Bay has come true. PICCINI means “little ones” in Italian. Our takeout spot is named after our two little sons, Luca and Nico. We understand how hectic your life is, and preparing a dinner is often the last thing on your mind.

Ali’i Fish Company

The Ali’is, or monarchs in Hawaiian, were offered only the best fish in ancient times. Ali’i Fish Company was established in California with the goal of offering fresh, authentic poke and seafood dishes. With decades of combined seafood knowledge, we pay close attention to every detail of our procedure. We believe that sourcing from a sustainable, well-managed fishery like Hawaii is critical, and our customers will notice the difference.

In Case you Missed it 2021 New Restaurants 

Nomad Eatery
Ike’s Love & Sandwiches
Fruition Vegan Market 
The Source Cafe
Nando Trattoria
Edo Little Bites
Joey Manhattan Beach  
dan modern chinese
The Stanton
Rex Seaside Steakhouse
Copper Pot 
Riera’s Place – Deli and More
American Grilled Cheese Company
Pura Vita Redondo Beach
Table Manners Redondo Beach
Crazy Fish Grill  
Little French Bakery 
Swell Deli
The Standing Room 
Randy’s Donuts 
Teddys Red Tacos

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