Best Tacos in the South Bay
Best Tacos in the South Bay

Best Tacos in the South Bay

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Everyone seems to be arguing about which restaurant has the best tacos. It makes sense since the South Bay offers so much variety from authentic to fusion Mexican food.

In honor of National Taco Day we surveyed local South Bay parents on their favorite taco places around town. Tacos are one of the most well known traditional foods of Mexico. Ranging from soft shell to hard shell, to even a cheesy crust shell, there are so many different types of tacos! Our parents love anything from a traditional carne asada taco to a fusion Baja-style fish taco. Here are the top local spots for all types of tacos!

Best Tacos in the South Bay

El Tarasco – Multiple Locations – South Bay

El Tarasco is a hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant that you don’t normally hear about until one of your co-workers talk about it. Multiple parents mentioned this spot and we can see why! The traditional tacos (and the whole menu) are dangerously delicious and inexpensive.

Hermosa Mexican Cuisine

Local moms favored this Mexican restaurant because it is right by Hermosa Beach. The best way to enjoy your day here is to devour a plate of savory tacos and have a scenic stroll afterwards.

Doty’s Tacos – Gardena

Be ready to pour some avocado green sauce on your cheesy crust tacos. Yes, you read that correctly, Doty’s truck puts cheese crust on their Vampiros crispy tortillas. Our moms noted that there is usually a line (probably because of their daily $1 tacos), but it’s worth it.

Mercado – Manhattan Beach

To those who want a taco they’ve never had before, try this place. Mercado offers a unique taste as they serve the delicious Filet Mignon and Jicame Ahi Tacos.

Ensenada’s Surf & Turf Grill – Lawndale

Our moms raved about the battered fish tacos and ceviche here. Their variety is on point as they offer shrimp, baja, grilled mahi, grilled fish and more! People talk about this spot for a reason so you’ll definitely satisfy your seafood cravings here!

El Sombrero – Manhattan Beach

3 words: Deep. Fried. Shell. Of course El Sombrero offers delicious carne asada tacos, but they also spice it up with their special crunchy tacos as well.

Tom’s Tacos – Torrance

For those of you who love a simple cheese and meat crunchy taco. If you’ve been to Tito’s, our moms said that this place is very similar!

El Antojito – Gardena

If you want a traditional experience for a low price, you can’t beat El Antojito’s food truck. They offer yummy $1 tacos, corn in a cup, and agua de fresa! They have a roofed seating area so you’ll feel cozy even though you’re ordering from a truck.

Taco Sinaloa – Torrance

This place is special because it is open 24/7! If you want a quick bite to eat then Taco Sinoloa is the place to be. Their service is quick and portions for meat are generous.

El Gringo – Hermosa Beach

With an upstairs patio and modern interior El Gringo serves some of the tastiest fish tacos! It’s casual but also a great place to go for an evening dinner.

Crazy Fish – San Pedro

Crazy Fish is a fish-market style restaurant with a unique vibe. More special than their interior is their food. They serve fresh swordfish and a variety of seafood tacos! One of our moms recommended the battered sea bass fish tacos!

El Burrito Jr. – Redondo Beach

El Burrito Jr. offers taco combos for a low price. They also have huge chips and salsa and their wet burritos are to die for!

El Amigo – Manhattan Beach

Our moms come here for carne asada or al pastor tacos and burritos. They are generous with their meat and the food is very well balanced. It can get busy sometimes but is a must try if you want a go-to Mexican spot!

Burnt Tortilla – Redondo Beach

Wind down at a bar and sip on a drink while eating traditional tacos and enchiladas. Make sure to bring your appetite (and spouse) when coming because their portions are huge!

There are so many options to choose from! We are definitely lucky to live in a melting pot with so much variety in culture. Make sure to check out these spots and make great experiences with your loved ones. If you’d rather have your tacos and meals brought to your home, here’s a list of great meal delivery services that offer virtually anything you’re craving, including taco dinners for the family. Have you tried any of these places? Are we missing any of your favorite spots? Let us know by commenting down below!

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