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Community Spotlight: btone FITNESS

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Community Spotlight: btone FITNESS

There’s a new fitness studio in town and you’re going to want to check it out! Alix the owner, already owns two successful businesses in Carson – Massage Envy and European Wax Center.  We are so excited to learn about her newest business adventure with btone FITNESS.

Tell us about your company?
“Most of you will be familiar with Massage Envy and European Wax Center so I won’t go into detail there but of course I’d love to invite everyone to come by for a service and say hello!

btone FITNESS Carson is the first franchised location of btone FITNESS outside of the Boston area. We are SO excited to bring this AMAZING workout to the South Bay community.

btone’s signature is a full-body training experience, TONE. Through a unique series of complementary exercises, this 45-minute class hits everymuscle in your body using our custom-crafted state of the art arkeTONE Machine. The arkeTONE is a comfortable, stable platform with a set of 7 springs that provide you a smooth, gliding resistance experience that is 100% customizable. From move to move, you have the ability to tailor and adjust the springs’ resistance, and body positioning, making each exercise comfortable and effective for your unique needs on that day. As you get stronger, the machine adapts and continues to challenge you. Each session builds long, lean muscle mass, toning and balancing your whole body. While the movements are slow, they are challenging and create the perfect atmosphere for zero-impact, heart-rate driving cardio while you build muscle

Childcare is offered at select classes for just $5 per child, check out the website for details.”


What inspired you to launch this business?
“Quite simply, this is a wildly efficient 45 minutes! Through precision low-impact, high-intensity movements, we custom craft a joint-loving, muscle-shaking, engaging experience that leaves you just-the-right-amount of sore. No two classes are ever the same, and all of our expert instructors are ready to give you modifications so your TONE fits you to a T. 

There are many different stories of what led me to the path of becoming a multi unit business owner. With the move from Boston to California I knew it was the perfect opportunity to pursue something I had always dreamed of. It was truly the inspiration from my family, (both my dad and step dad are entrepreneurs) that pushed me to take on an opportunity I may not have dreamed to be possible. When we bought our home in August of 2016 and moved to Carson I saw a huge opportunity to bring health and wellness businesses to my local community. It has been such an amazing experience to live AND own businesses in my local community.”

What is one of your proudest moments?
“Will have to split this one into two categories:

Proudest Personal Moment: Giving birth to our daughter in February of 2017 and becoming a mom. It is an experience that has not only shaped me personally but also made me a more compassionate and patient business owner.

Proudest Business Moment: My husband Matt deployed in October of 2017. At the time we hadn’t even started construction on any of my stores. Massage Envy and European Wax Center both opened in early 2018. He returned safely in May of 2018 and after a long 7 months of being separated we were reunited and I was able to share with him all that I had accomplished in the time he was gone. It was a really special moment for our family and also for me in my professional career.”

What can one expect when visiting your location?

“It is my personal mission to make sure each and every guest has an experience above and beyond their expectations each and every time they walk through the doors of any of my businesses. I spend a significant amount of my time with my staff training and working together with them to make sure they share the same values. We take pride in getting to know our guests/members/clients on a personal level so they always feel at home when they visit.”

Tell us a little about you:
“Hi Local Anchor! I am SO excited to introduce myself and get to know so many more of you. My name is Alix and I live in Carson with my husband and daughter Brady. We are expecting our second (a boy) in just a few weeks! We are an active duty Air Force family and moved to California three years ago from Boston. I have always had a passion for health and wellness. Previously, I worked as an in home personal trainer and CrossFit coach in Boston before we relocated to the South Bay. It has always been a dream of mine to own my own business and with the help of a VERY supportive family I have opened three, Massage Envy Carson, European Wax Center Carson and the BRAND NEW btone FITNESS Carson within the last 18 months. It hasn’t been an easy journey but it has certainly been a rewarding one. My dream is to share my knowledge and experience with local moms and dads who are interested in opening their own franchise. The saying is cliche but I truly believe if you put your mind to it, ANYTHING is possible!”


What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working?
“When I’m not working we enjoy spending time at local sports games. Especially, LA Galaxy games! We have been proud season ticket holders for the last three seasons. In fact our daughter basically only wants to wear her Galaxy jersey now so we have been doing A LOT of laundry lately. (Im sure some of you other parents can relate?! HAHA)”

How do you give back to the community?
“YES! We absolutely love participating in local charitable events. Whether it be donating our time with chair massages, brow bars and free classes or donating gifts to local events we are ALWAYS happy to participate in and support charitable causes in the South Bay community.”

Community Spotlight: btone FITNESS
btone FITNESS Carson
21780 S Avalon Blvd Suite 105, Carson, CA 90745
(310) 935-2724

Community Spotlight: btone FITNESS


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