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Community Spotlight: Freedom Riders Surf Camp

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Community Spotlight: Freedom Surf Camp

We are so lucky to live it such an awesome place that offers so many great options for camps!  But when you live so close to the beach, it seems natural that you have little ones interested in learning how to surf!  We had a great chat with Gilad, Founder, about his surf camp in Manhattan Beach in this week’s Community Spotlight!

This is a sponsored post, but we are selective on the companies we work with to ensure they align with our community.

Community Spotlight: Freedom Riders Surf Camp

Tell us about your company:

“Freedom Surf and Snow was born out of the true passion of being outdoors. Gilad Lewandovski, the founder, always found himself asking the question: ‘How can I spend more time where I feel the ultimate Freedom?’ He realized the answer: ‘Getting the opportunity to share the journey with stoked humans.’

Falling in love with teaching was really easy because communication is on the same level no matter what age. Once you give – you will get back; it is a human principle. Working with the elements and humans at the same time is an energy that fulfills you, the instructors, and the kids. Time goes by so fast…. When it is time to go, everybody is surprised. Surfing is a spiritual ritual with nature. It takes time to learn it. But when your classroom is on the beach not only are you going to learn to surf but you will also learn about ocean safety, hydrodynamics, and ethics, and make new friends, and get your body stronger. By sharing the knowledge without expecting anything in return – everything else will come naturally. Leading by example and showing that everyone has the same goal is what makes an empowering freedom day on the beach. Then you come back the next day to practice the same!

What inspired you to launch Freedom Riders Surf Camp:

The ultimate inspiration for having a surf camp is to pass valuable knowledge on to someone else and see that person using it for his or her life journey. Surfing can teach so much beyond technique. Each surfer can take what he/she learns at surf camp and use it as a guide for living.

Some of these principles are:

  1. Learning the process & safety rules.
  2. Listening to your teachers
  3. Be aware
  4. Respect your teacher & friends
  5. Know your level
  6. Stay stoked
  7. Give back

This amazing formula is our inspiration powered by Freedom.”

Community Spotlight: Freedom Surf Camp

What can one expect when signing up for Freedom Riders Surf Camp:

“Freedom is a family! We are here to help and introduce you to something that will change your life; so, when you come to camp, you will feel like you are joining a family. From the moment you put on your wetsuit, to listening to the instruction on the beach, and being in the water . . . we would like you to ask us  questions. We want to know about you, we want to surf in the future with you as friends, we want to have fun together safely; and when the time comes – we want you to join and share the passion with the new generation like we did with you. We said it – Freedom is a Family.”

Tell us a little about you:

“Matt Zarchan is our Freedom Surf Camp Leader at 26th Street. Matt is graduating this year form Humboldt University with an environmental science major. Living near the beach all of his life, surfing and breathing the salty air from when he was a kid, Matt been with Freedom for five years. Last year he became the Manhattan Beach leader.

Matt is a leader, a true student, and a family member of Freedom Surf and Snow. He is a good listener; and when it is time to understand commitment – he is there for you! He can be the older brother, the uncle; and when it comes to safety, a strong mother or father who wants to see another great day happen for all of the surfers.

Gilad Lewandovski, Freedom Co-Founder. I am a very simple guy who once said to himself – ‘My life is my one chance . . . if I love the ocean the mountains, surfing, snowboarding, and the humans around it, I will do whatever it takes in the best way to stay in my favorite environment and share my passion.’”

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working?

“We have been at the Manhattan Beach spot for the last 13 years. As I am writing this, I just got out of the water from a private lesson with mother and daughter. We love it over here.  26th Street is a local secret spot with limited parking and it is mostly locals. We are here every weekend teaching our after school surf program. During the summer time we are here every day, all day! The locals are the best, the lifeguards are the superheroes, the beach culture has a great vibe and the kids share the positivity and happiness of being on the beach.”

“We love Manhattan Beach and super stoked to be a part of this community.”

Freedom Surf camps and surf school at Manhattan Beach 2015 from Freedom Riders on Vimeo.

Freedom Riders Surf Camp

(310) 770-4410

Community Spotlight: Freedom Surf Camp

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