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Community Spotlight: Gypsy’s Lash Den

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Community Spotlight: Gypsy’s Lash Den
As a parent, it can be hard to find time for your beauty routine. Gypsy’s Lash Den’s services can cut down the time you spend in the morning to ensure that you look and feel your best!

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Tell us about Gypsy’s Lash Den: 

“Gypsy’s Lash Den is a hidden gem in Manhattan Beach. We provide custom lash extensions, specialized skin care services, full body waxing, and we’ve recently added Cryoskin face and body treatments.”

What inspired you to launch Gypsy’s Lash Den?

“It was my desire to make my own schedule in order to be the Mom that could always show up for my son at his school functions and activities. I began my career as an esthetician and a professional make-up artist. On the side, I was teaching students how to do lash extensions, but I didn’t add that service to my portfolio for clients until I realized how much success my students were having once they finished their training with me. I decided I should practice what I was teaching, and added lash extensions to my service menu for clients. Lash extensions soon took over my schedule over the first year as the industry grew rapidly. What was once a side hustle for fun has grown into a full fledge business in just over 2 and a half years. I find myself taken aback most days at my success in all of this growth! While the lashes are a huge part of my business, I still love providing quality skin care for my clients. I am also really enjoy my Cryoskin clients – they are seeing dramatic results and their happiness is so rewarding.”

Community Spotlight: Gypsy’s Lash Den

What is one of your proudest moments

“I truly love the feeling when my clients feel confident and excited in their improved skincare health or new lash look. As an industry professional, I love watching my students gain success in their business and skills as lash extension artists. I have 2 personal moments that will most likely only resonate deeply with me. I was awarded a scholarship to International Dermal Institute and completed a 100 hour post graduate program. I cried like a baby, with excitement the day I received my certificate from the Founder, Jane Wurwand. She is a pioneer in our industry and it was amazing to be recognized by her for my accomplishment. As for the 2nd – a personal moment was being able to take my son on an amazing vacation to Costa Rica for our birthdays this past summer. It was a goal I had set many years ago to mark my ability to stand on our own thanks to my booming business and the obstacles we have overcome.”

What can one expect when working with you/visiting your location?

“We are a fun group of women with a definite sense of humor. We will take the time to discuss your desired look for lash extensions. And we will take the time to educate you on the myths of extensions that continue to plague the industry. If you are visiting us for a skincare service we will also go through consultation and create a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your skincare goals.

Tell us a little more about you!

“I’m a free spirited gypsy hippie mermaid mama. Born and raised in the South Bay. My life has been a roller coaster of adventure, which included living in Livingston, Montana. Life in Montana gave me my amazing son Logan. I returned to California to attend college and pursue new avenues as a newly divorced mom to be able to provide for my son. My love for skincare (that was curated by a esthetics educator I met named Laura Gasser) was a detour I decided to take while working on my Associates degree. It was a natural addition to my career as a massage therapist for the last 19 years. I’m excited to have the support of my extended family while this accidental change in my career has led me to where I am today.

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working? 

“I love going to the beach with my son and our friends. We enjoy bike rides along the strand. I love my Monday Kundali Yoga class for a little self-care time. We also love to indulge in good food whether we dine out or opt for a new recipe to enjoy at home or with family. And we love good road trips when ever time permits!! I’m an avid quilter, henna artist and plant lover.”

Do you give back to the community?

“My favorite way to give back: I have had the privilege in offering my makeup artistry skills to a beautiful organization called Dance for Healing Project. They provide funding to dance participants, throughout LA juvenile detention centers, camps, and group homes. The youth participants waiting for foster care placement, recovering from commercial sex trafficking, and youth receiving mental health services due to parent/caregiver substance abuse or other related neglect. They are taught how to use dance as a form of self love, care and expression during their recovery time. I also created a mini facial clinic for these young ladies in the detention centers and taught them basic personal hygiene for healthy skin. These young ladies are thankful for the time, products and knowledge they are given that will contribute to a better self esteem while they hope for a better life after they complete their programs.”

Community Spotlight: Gypsy’s Lash Den

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