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Community Spotlight: Law Offices of Debra L. Koven  

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Community Spotlight: LAW OFFICES OF DEBRA L. KOVEN
This community spotlight is a very special spotlight.  I got to know Debra Koven recently and learn more about the work she does with families in our community.  Her business focuses on working with parents to not only create a Family Trust, but to also create a family plan to make sure your kids are taken care of in the case of an untimely death.  You can tell she is very passionate about the work she does from the first moment you speak with her.

Tell us about your company?

“I am an attorney who guides my clients to make informed, educated and empowered decisions for the people they love in ways that are often quite different than other lawyers do.  My primary goal is to make sure your kids are taken care of the way you choose and never at risk of inadvertently ending up in the care of strangers (or anyone else you wouldn’t want) due to often overlooked planning mistakes. In addition, ensure your assets are owned the right way, to keep your assets from getting into the hands of the wrong people or to your kids before they are ready, or even being lost to the court system, conflict, unnecessary taxes or the state department of unclaimed property.  Finally, we help you pass on more than just your money, by using a built-in process to capture your intangible assets, your values, insights, stories and experience and ensure they are not lost. As a Personal Family Lawyer® I am your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best personal, financial, legal, and business decisions for your family throughout your lifetime and who will be there to guide your loved ones when you can’t be.”

What inspired you to launch this business?

“I’ve had my own office since 1992 but did not start practicing in the manner I do now until after my daughter was born. I chose to be a mom first and get out of the courtroom. When I read the book “Wear Clean Underwear” and realized my daughter would be at risk even though I had named legal guardians for her in a Will, I knew I had to educate and empower other families to make wiser choices for their kids.”

What is one of your proudest moments?

“On a personal level, I am a proud mother of one smart, funny, beautiful, caring daughter.  She is my greatest pride. On a professional level, I’m proud to be educating my community with the heart and spirit of a Mom and the wisdom and knowledge of an experienced lawyer.”

What can one expect when working with you?

My initial meeting with you is a two-hour working session, called a Family Wealth Planning Session™. It is not a typical “initial consultation” meet-and-greet-type of meeting in which a lawyer tells you the documents you need to put in place and quotes you a fee to provide those documents. I block up to 2 hours on my calendar so we can focus entirely on you and your family during this time. My office is located in beautiful Manhattan Beach, with easy access (and parking) off of Rosecrans. It is shared space with other offices.  We will sit down in one of the conference rooms where I will whiteboard out your existing plan. Even if you think you don’t have one, the State of California has one for you! Find out what that means and find out where you want to go from there. You get me, the attorney, working with you, from the get go!”

Tell us a little about you:

“I am a resident of North Redondo Beach (have been since 2000), with a husband, an 8 year old daughter, and 2 fabulous cats! I’ve been a practicing attorney for 28 years, focusing on estate planning and Kid Protection Planning since my daughter came along and liberated me from the Courtroom. As a UCLA alumni, I’m a passionate Bruins fan!  I’m also an avid LA professional sports teams fan – I love watching hockey, football and baseball as well as certain reality tv shows! I consider my most important role and membership to be in the club of working moms who are balancing caring for a family, a household and work, while not losing sight of my passions and personal goals.”

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working?

“As a family, we love to go to the local parks, bike riding, the local beaches (weather permitting), and enjoy all that beach community living brings – great neighbors, shopping, and dining out at local restaurants.  Much of what we do outside of work revolves around our active eight year old daughter who participates in Jiu Jitsu, gymnastics and religious classes in the community.“

How you give back to the community?  

“One of my strongest driving forces is giving back to the community by giving free, educational and empowering presentations on how to keep your family out of court and out of conflict while protecting your children from winding up in the care of someone you would not want them to be with.  In addition, I am a co-founder of a charitable organization called The Mitzvah Society, which raises money for various nonprofits including helping foster children, raising money to send underprivileged kids to summer camp and the like. Finally, I am also actively involved in PTA as the legislative chair in the 33rd congressional district.”

Community Spotlight: LAW OFFICES OF DEBRA L. KOVEN

Law Offices of Debra L. Koven
Debra L. Koven, Esq.
1500 Rosecrans Ave., Suite 500
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Tel: (310) 979-3131

Based in Manhattan Beach, California, the Law Offices of Debra Koven proudly provides comprehensive estate planning with integrated business, tax, and wealth management services, catering to individuals, families, and small business owners in the community.

Click on this link to get your free copy of the book, “Wear Clean Underwear.”

Community Spotlight: LAW OFFICES OF DEBRA L. KOVEN

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