South Bay Community Spotlight: Mums & Bubs

South Bay Community Spotlight: Mums & Bubs

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Community Spotlight: Mums & Bubs


We have recently gotten to know some really great bloggers here in the South Bay and wanted to introduce them to you!  This week, we are going to spotlight Mums & Bubs writer, Terah.

Tell us a little about yourself:

“I’m a wife and a mother of three girls ages 7, 2 and 1! I’m originally from Virginia Beach, VA where I grew up and met my husband. We moved to the South Bay about 4 years ago and ever since then have absolutely fallen in love with this area! I love anything having to do with baby gear. I think because I’ve had 3 girls, there’s been a lot I was able to try out and I just developed a love for it all! “

What inspired you to get started in blogging?

“What really inspired me to begin blogging was actually my own journey of Motherhood. With my first daughter I had an incredible support system of fellow Moms where I felt I could ask them anything. When we moved to South Bay it took time to develop those relationships so my support system I once had no longer existed. When our second daughter was born there were just times where it felt very lonely and I struggled a lot. After that experience I realized how vital community was! My vision in creating my blog and other ventures I get involved in is to create that safe community for those women who may not have it. I know how it is to have it and how it feels to not. And when you are raising those adorable little humans, you definitely need a tribe!”

What can one expect to get out of following you?

“I hope that above all else you really just find an honest mama friend! You can never have too many! I love supporting women and helping them along in their motherhood journey.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in the South Bay?

“By far my favorite thing to do in South Bay is go to the BEACH! We are total beach bums. Thats why you move to this area anyways right?”

When you aren’t blogging, what do you love to do?  

“I love food! Definitely not cooking it, but eating what others cook! We love trying new restaurants in the area and finding those hidden gems! I’m also a huge homebody! My favorite thing to do that relaxes me is just hanging out in my pajamas and watching reality TV! Love it!”

How can people follow you?




Community Spotlight: Mums & Bubs

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