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Create Acts of Kindness in the New Year with Downloadable Calendars

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The New Year is right around the corner and acts as the perfect time to refresh and restart for the better! While there is no “right way” to practice resolution-setting, this year instead of looking inwards for something to change, we challenge you to examine your environment to see how you can make a difference in 2020 by focusing on showing kindness to others. 

Whether you see an opportunity to help an organization in your community, make more time for family, or put your professional aspirations in overdrive, a little organization and scheduling can make a big difference in reaching your goals. The most important part of making a resolution is selecting one that can fit into your current lifestyle. 

Whatever your goals are for 2020, there are always opportunities to lift someone else up on the way to exceeding personally. By spreading kindness you are more likely to inspire others as well as receive a little love in return. Kindness positively impacts the world around you and is also shown to improve your physical and mental health. So if you can’t decide on a resolution, choose to be kinder in the New Year!

To help you stick to a schedule of practicing compassion and generosity each day, FTD has created 3 kindness calendars that are versatile for the office, home, or community! Each calendar offers different objectives geared at showing kindness to coworkers, family members, or friends by simply offering a helping hand, showing gratitude or just smiling. These simple reminders will inspire you to be conscious of others in your environment and show kindness wherever your day-to-day takes you!

They’ve also provided kindness challenges for you to try! Try these challenges with your family or on your own to enter the new year filled with prosperity one kind act at a time. 

1. Give Back to Family and Friends 

Did you know that showing love attracts positivity and others into your life? Show those you are closest to know how much they mean to you by dedicating a little generosity to them each day. Stay on top of loving those close to you with a daily reminder from the printable calendar below.

2. Pick Up a New Skill 

We are never too old to stop learning. Challenge yourself to pick up a new skill or hobby to enhance your creativity and add some fun into your life! While learning not only rewires your brain and increases your ability to focus but it also helps you store memories and regulate emotions! 

3. Show Gratitude to Colleagues and Inspiring People 

The stronger your team feels the more support they can provide each other! Show a bit of gratitude to benefit not only the receiver but also the entire organization! Your colleague’s esteem will increase and they will feel more inclined to help and support another!

4. Put Yourself First

Investing in yourself can be one of the most beneficial resolutions you can make. Show yourself some love by expanding your skills or knowledge, caring for your body and fitness goals, or simply cultivating your mental and emotional health. Whatever you do, push yourself to put yourself first and feel your best. 

5. Pay It Forward to Your Community 

Give up some of your time to contributing to your community or lending a hand to neighbors. Generosity can be contagious and it can take just one person to make their community a better place.

Enter the New Year with generosity and compassion – whether it be towards your family, community or yourself! Use a “New Year, New Me” mindset to spread kindness and inspire others to reach their goals as well! Happy helping!

Thank you FTD for creating these awesome resources for us!

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