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Moms Making A Difference: Yaira Gurman

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Moms Making A Difference: Yaira Gurman

So excited to recognize Yaira Gurman as our next “Mom Making a Difference,” because she really has gone above and beyond to support not only her local community, but the local Jewish community by introducing families and getting them together for fun activities.  

Tell us a little about you?

“I have lived in the South Bay for 7 years. I have a wonderful husband and three boys ages 13, 12 and 10. I work part time at JKidz club, an organization brings Jewish families with young children together to form a community. We create events in the South Bay and connect with each other for a lifetime of friendship. It is a wonderful way for moms to meet other moms and for kids to play with each other.”

Do you live in the South Bay?  

“Yes, I live in Manhattan Beach.”

Tell us a random fun fact about yourself?

“I love children ❤️, love to dance, love to be with lots of people!” 

Moms Making A Difference: Yaira Gurman

How do you give back to/support our community?

“I create events for families, I provide meals for new mothers and sick friends, I enjoy connecting people with similar  interests or work connections.”

Favorite non-profit and why?

Save a child’s heart ❤️.  This foundation is near and dear to me as my son had open heart surgery as a baby. Our cardiologist is very involved in volunteering his time to save lives.  We also went to visit the fountain in Israel where they perform free surgeries and stay to children in need. It is a fabulous organization.”

Moms Making A Difference: Yaira Gurman

Here’s what our members of the community had to say about Yaira!  Do you know Yaira? Feel free to give her a shout out in the comment section below! 

Quotes from the Community: 

“Yaira is an amazing community leader. Her greatest strength is bringing people together and making everyone feel welcome, no matter their background, interests, or circumstances. She has unlimited energy and generosity. I feel so fortunate to be a part of her group, and I love the friends I have made there. Thank you, Yaira, for everything you do for the community of Jewish families in the South Bay!” – Hilary Grayver

“Everyone loves Yaira!  She brings our community together with her warm heart, and her wonderful home cooking.  We are all so amazingly lucky to have her in our lives.” – Lauren Scheuer Schlesinger

“Yaira is one of my favorite human beings! She brings people together – I can’t even count how many of my close friends are in my life because of the community that Yaira created here in the South Bay. She works so hard to put on creative and fun holiday events for the kids, and has always gone out of her way to make sure that my daughter (who has special needs) is included and valued as a part of the community. I’m honored to call Yaira a friend.” – Lisa Kronbeck

“Yaira Gurman has such a warm heart and welcoming smile. She works tirelessly to bring the South Bay Jewish Community together through holiday events for the kids, Mom’s night outs and a monthly coffee. My family always look forward to her events and I have many new friends to thank her for.”Amanda Weintraub

“I met Yaira about 7 years ago shortly after she had moved to the South Bay. Yaira has always been the most giving and inclusive person I know. She’s the one who delivers homemade food when you’re sick, visits you and your loved ones in the hospital, gives you rides when you need them, or just offers an ear when you need a person to talk to. No matter the need, Yaira is always there with a smile to offer a helping hand. I am blessed to call her a friend.” – Elham Raker

Let us know how Yaira has impacted our community, leave a comment below!

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