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Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network

Giving Back – Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network

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Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network
Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network 6

These two young South Bay ballerinas have a goal to fundraise $250,000 for our local non-profit organization, Pediatric Therapy Network!

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Giving Back – Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network

Tell us a little about you

Our family has absolutely loved living in the South Bay and being part of the South Bay community for many years now. Our daughter Aspen was born here and we have made so many friends and met so many inspiring and kind people. This community is truly special to us, especially the friendship and support of our neighbors and fellow parents. We met Aspen’s wonderful friend Emma and her family through ballet and the girls have been inseparable ever since dancing together.

Please tell us about your project for the Pediatric Therapy Network

Recently my 4yo daughter Aspen Alexandra Kallenberg and her wonderful friend Emma Poirier started a fundraiser, Dance4PTN to help raise money for a life changing, non-profit organization Pediatric Therapy Network that has been helping the kids in our community by directly providing physical and occupational therapy services to kids of all abilities! Pediatric Therapy Network is a non-profit organization that relies on support from the community to keep doing the amazing work they do for kids.

We are Hermosa Beach locals and hope to bring our community together to help this wonderful organization to keep doing the wonderful work they do! PTN relies on support from the community and we hope to raise $250,000 to help them to keep doing the amazing work they do for children. Since the pandemic they have been operating at a large deficit. And I can tell you from the bottom of my heart about the amazing work PTN does because they have helped us too! They have also provided tremendous support to families during the pandemic. Aspen and Emma are Dancing 4 PTN and have started a fundraiser page linked directly to PTN.The girls made two short ballet movies which we will share in a few weeks to inspire through dance and to show that together we can help kids live their dreams too.

Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network
Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network 7

Who are you supporting the Pediatric Therapy Network?

We are supporting Pediatric Therapy Network. Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN) helps children with special needs and medical conditions by providing therapies that increase each child’s abilities so that he or she can live a more fulfilling and independent life. PTN serves children of all abilities, including those with an autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, developmental delays, orthopedic and neurological challenges, and sports-related injuries.

What inspired this project?

This project and fundraiser comes from our hearts and two ballerina friends, Aspen Alexandra Kallenberg and Emma Poirier with a dream to help kids live their dreams by raising money for Pediatric Therapy Network through dance.

A few months ago Aspen mentioned she wanted to help kids, so I asked her ” how will you do that?” and she said ” I will dance.” Together, Aspen and Emma started Dance4PTN with a goal of raising $250,000 to help the amazing kids at PTN live their dreams too. We are Dancing 4 PTN with some of Emma and Aspens favorite scenes from Swan Lake & the Nutcracker. Because every child has a dream and together, we can help kids reach their dreams too!

” When I dance I feel like I can fly, I feel like I’m free.” “I want to help raise money for kids for physical therapy and help kids live their dream.” – Aspen Alexandra Kallenberg (4 years old) – Ballerina. Our 4 year old ballerina Aspen has always loved to dance, loved ballet with her whole heart even before she learned to walk she would ask to watch the performance of the Nutcracker and Swan Lake over and over and hum the music. I can say with my whole heart that the amazing people at PTN helped us now live this dream. We started physical therapy at only a few months old and now having overcome these challenges together Aspen wants to help kids live their dreams too through supporting PTN and the amazing work they do.

“My goal for this project is to help heal children who need therapy so that they will have even more opportunities to live their dream, just as I am doing with ballet. Whether you are a ballerina, lover of theater, or anything in between, the art of dancing can inspire you in so many different ways.” – Emma Poirier (14 years old) – Ballerina

Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network
Giving Back - Dance 4 Pediatric Therapy Network 8

How can the community support your efforts for the Pediatric Therapy Network?

We hope you will partner with us to help us raise funds for PTN, a truly life changing organization. Your encouragement, donations, sharing of this fundraiser and even anyone who would like to Dance4PTN would be incredible! If you are in a position to donate we are so incredibly grateful to your support!

Anything else you would like us to include?

Please help us support Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN) by making a donation through our fundraiser page with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Pediatric Therapy Network. We are so inspired and proud to be part of the SouthBay community and I know that together we can help PTN to continue to provide wonderful services to the kids and families in our community and beyond!

You can help us support PTN through our donation page and social media

Instagram to follow our progress and updates:
Aspen Alexandra- @aspenlovesballet
Emma Poirier – @emmapoirier.ballerina

Also, please join us for the world premier of our short films “Becoming” and “Nutcracker in Spring” starring Aspen Alexandra Kallenberg and Emma Poirier in a few weeks. You can view the film virtually from your home, please stay tuned for more details on the premier in the next few weeks! We are so excited to share our hearts with all of you!

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