4 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Fit In Workouts This Summer
Easy Workouts for Busy Moms

4 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Fit in Workouts This Summer

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Can’t find time for workouts? You can now! 

Between the first and tenth snack of the day, trying to keep the kiddos occupied this summer can feel like a full-time job! As busy moms, we’re always moving and running around, but there might not be as much time put aside for intentional movement, like a workout

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Easy Workouts for Busy Moms
4 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Fit in Workouts This Summer 2

Easy Ways to Squeeze In Workouts for Busy Moms

Here are four easy ways to fit in workouts when alone time is non-existent this summer.

1. Take lots of walks.

Seems too simple, right?! But you might not realize that walks, even at a relatively leisurely pace, are ideal for getting in steady state cardio. This means you’re building endurance, boosting bone density, and promoting heart health. 

So, take the stroller out or put the kids on a bike or scooter and get out on those walks at least three times a week for 15-30 minutes. Plus, you can couple walks with catching up with a friend or your favorite podcast. Win, win! 

2. Breakfast time = Quick Burn Time! 

Get breakfast ready and watch online workouts while the kids eat breakfast. Did you know that exercising for even 10 minutes can improve your mood and rev your metabolism for the rest of the day? That’s reason enough to fit it in. 

There are almost 100 workouts of varying lengths on our On Demand platform, the Inner Shine Society– so hop onto your computer, phone, or iPad and choose a quick Booty burn, Barre, or HIIT workout to start off the day right. 

3. Turn cleaning into cardio.

Cleaning can be doubly productive! While maybe not our favorite task in the world, non-exercise activities like cleaning, making the bed, doing laundry, and gardening can contribute to your total daily energy [calorie] expenditure. At least you can feel good about doing chores now, right?

4. Have daily dance parties!

Put your favorite music on and go all out! You can just freestyle and get silly, but we recommend some family-friendly follow-along dance cardio classes! Hook up your computer or phone to your TV and get the whole family involved. There’s nothing better than laughing, smiling, AND getting in some movement at the same time. 

Okay, Moms… Now you’ve got four easy ways to fit in some exercise this summer. All while being the Supermom you are! Don’t forget that while your kids need you, they could also benefit from the best version of you. So, make sure to pencil in some you-time each day and show your kids that daily movement is not only good for the body but for the soul, too! 

-Hillary Lewis & Yaya Margarita 
Shine Society Fitness


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