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Open House: Elementary Music Extravaganza!

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Level up your musicianship skills through creative play – find out how at this fun open house!

Come visit our classes for elementary age students who want to advance their musicianship skills. Musical concepts like notation, rhythm, and group music playing are taught in a gamelike environment with creative engines running at all times! These classes provide an excellent foundation for private instrument lessons and playing in school bands and orchestras.

Rhythm Readers (Ages 5-7): Mon, Oct 23 at 3:30pm

Learn beginning notation, explore concepts like beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony, expressive qualities, and get creative with improvisation using Orff percussion instruments like xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels. Movement and beginning folk dance are also a fun addition to this class!

Melody Makers (Ages 6-8): Mon, Oct 23 at 4:30pm

Experience beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony and expressive qualities through movement and group music making. Beginning music theory, timing, and improvisation is developed through more advanced playing using the Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels). Movement and dance also add to the fun and reinforce musical concepts.

Orff & Recorder I & II (Grades 2 & up): Tue, Oct 24 at 4:00pm

Continue to build on music theory concepts while introducing recorder! Do we have the students play an ear-gouging rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” that will make you want to scream? Absolutely not…we want you and your child to love recorder! The recorder is such an underrated instrument when techniques are taught in a fun, game-like environment! From medieval and renaissance music to pop tunes to jazz, the recorder is a versatile instrument and comes in 6 different sizes…bet you didn’t know that! Experience more advanced group playing and creative improvisation using recorder and Orff instruments (xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels). These classes are great preparation to play in our Orff & Recorder Ensemble.

Orff & Recorder Ensemble (Grades 4 & up) Tue, Oct 24 at 5:00pm: You’re more than welcome to stay and observe what the ensemble is working on! Right now they are preparing for the holiday concert.

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Oct 23 - 24 2023


3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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