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Family Photo Makeup Tips

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family photo ideas : How to get the best Fall family photos & christmas family photosFamily Photo Makeup Tips

Looking for family photo ideas?  Getting ready for fall family photos or christmas family photos? I don’t know about you but I love holiday cards! I love sending them, I love receiving them, I love displaying them and seeing the smiling faces of my friends and family on our wall every day, I love how much my kids love opening them and putting them up.

Joy all around. Holiday cards rule. One of the most traditional, and awesome things to put on a holiday card is a totally legit family photo. You know what I’m talkin’ about, nature in the background, an adult with a serious camera snappin’ away, kids being kids, real clothes, MAKEUP, the works.

Since I have so many friends sharing their stunning family photos on social media this week I thought it would be a great time to share some family photo tips makeup tips that you can use for this holiday card season and many more to come. I collaborated with a handful of spectacular local photographers on this post and will be sharing tips that came straight from the professionals to help ensure you get holiday-card-worthy family photos that you love.

Family Photo Ideas

  1. COMFORT IS KEY: Family photo time is not the moment to be like, “Hey, liquid eyeliner, I’ve never tried that before! We leave here in 10 minutes, I’ll give it a go!” Don’t do it!! If red lipstick on you makes you recoil no matter how much everyone in the front office at your son’s school says they love it on you, skip it. Being comfortable, confident, and feeling good in your skin SHOWS on camera. Make being comfortable a priority, and if you take this super literally and take a pic with no makeup, all of you on the couch, watching Netflix and napping…please send me a card.
  2. Lips and Lashes: This one is a tip from a professional makeup artist that does lots of mamas for family photos every year. She says the two biggest things that will make a positive impact on your finished photos are lips and lashes. She recommends Ardell false lashes and says the “Demi” style looks great on everyone! She also says to only use Duo glue and use tweezers to put them on. Much like that liquid eyeliner experiment mentioned above, do yourself a solid and practice applying your lashes before picture day!   For your lips, the family photo is a great time for a splash of COLOR! To highlight your pearly whites, avoid lip products with a brown, orange or coral base.  Berry tones tend to be the most flattering across the board. I do love a classic red though, and if you’re with me, try one with a balanced blue base.  As far as product type, wear what you love, but you will probably like the results more if you avoid frosty, or super shimmery finishes and bright neon shades.
  3. Blush and Bronzer:  Did you know that flash photography can wash out 50% of makeup depth!? Say WHAT?! You can go a little bolder in the lip and blush department than you might on a usual school drop off-Costco-Target-Gas-school-pickup kind of day. Stick with a soft pink shade for a natural glow. Use bronzer on your hairline, under your cheek bone and along your jawline for a super subtle contour, you can also add just a bit on the apples of your cheeks for a light bit of glow.
  4. Foundation: Make sure your foundation is applied evenly and well blende. If you miss spots, or have streakiness it will stand out when the photographer goes to edit the shots. Go with a matte finish, even if you are usually a BB cream kind of gal, you can try a liquid to powder, a powder or use your BB and blend some setting powder over, you want to glow, not shine.
  5. Wrangle a pro: If Makeup is way out of your wheelhouse but you want to feel amazing and love the pics, try finding a local makeup artist to do your makeup for the pics!! If you don’t know a local makeup artist, I recommend contacting Traci Steenburgen, she’s the pro I consulted with on lash tips above, she has lots of experience doing makeup for fall family photos and christmas family photos, I’ll include her contact info below.
  6. Weather tips: I know lots of people aim for late August early September to get the pics locked and loaded so they are ahead of the game. I am not as organized as those people lol, but wanted to share some tips regarding weather, incase you are one of them! If it is super hot out, don’t space out on face and eye primer, primer has mattifying properties and helps reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, plus it will help your makeup wear more beautifully and help it be more long wearing. I also recommend use setting powder and setting spray, the powder will help with the mattifying and the spray will really have your back on the whole “not melting my face off” thing. Dress for the weather, I know it’s so cute to have everyone in flannel, but if it’s 90 degrees out, embrace that, see tip #1.
  7. Style tips: This isn’t makeup related, but thought it might be helpful, so tossed it for a lucky tip  number 7! Avoid wearing all white (especially a white top, it can wash you out), avoid everyone wearing busy patterns as it can distract from your gorgeous faces. Aim for coordinating colors, complimenting hues will create a more put-together look and more eye pleasing image than going for all matching.  I like to keep an eye out for coordinating kids clothes, Old Navy and Target rock for this. Don’t be afraid of texture! It can add interest and be really fun! Scarves, ties, sweaters, all great elements to add personality to your finished fall family photo and christmas family photo images.

I hope you guys found all these family photo ideas helpful and you get the perfect fall family photo and christmas family photo.  I wish you a joyful family photo season!  If you are in need of a product consultation, new mascara, picture perfect foundation or a new lipstick, please let me know! I would be more than happy to help, just send me an email.

Professional Makeup Artist: Traci Steenburgen of Gloss Makeup Artistry  

If you are in need of an awesome family photographer and more family photo ideas, check our Local Anchor business directory!


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