Expert Tips on How to Design the Perfect Kid's Reading Nook
Expert Tips on How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Reading Nook

Expert Tips on How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Reading Nook

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Expert Tips on How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Reading Nook
Expert Tips on How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Reading Nook 3

Did you know that reading can actually improve your child’s cognitive development? Beyond improving language skills, regular reading in early life can even set kids up for greater success in school and beyond. 

Of course, getting your toddler interested in books may not always be as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, with a kid’s reading nook, you can make settling down with a book just as exciting as playing on a screen!

Ready to learn how to transform your space to create a reading nook for kids they simply can’t resist? Follow along to discover how to design a kid’s reading nook here. 

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Expert Tips on How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Reading Nook 4

Find a Great Space

First things first, you’ll need to choose a space to set up a designated reading nook for kids. One of the top benefits of a reading nook for kids is the excitement the nook brings to learning and developing reading skills. Of course, in order to do this, their space needs to be inviting, exciting, and for reading only. 

If you’re working with a small space, fear not! You won’t need a whole lot of area to pull off a great reading nook. A space as simple as a closet will even do the trick. In fact, kids love settling into little nooks and crannies like cubby holes to read and learn!

Once you’ve found a corner, closet, cubby, or even tent, you’re ready to start building!

Create Book Storage

Next up, you’ll need to create some book storage to make your nook reading focused. This is where you’ll need to work with the space you have to be creative and practical with your book storage needs. 

If you’re fitting your reading nook into a closet, consider building in custom shelves on one side or boosting your child off the ground with a bookshelf that doubles as a seat. 

If you’ve got a little more space to play with, you could even create shallow shelves on the wall to display your books cover-side out. Since the spine of books often isn’t all that engaging, displaying books with the cover facing outwards can help create excitement and interest towards picking up a book and diving into the story

Don’t Forget Lighting

You and your kids will need proper lighting to ensure no eyes are strained in the storytelling process. 

Where possible, consider natural lighting when setting up your reading nook and try to position your reading station with the natural light behind your little readers. This will make lighting up the pages easier and ensure they are never squinting to make out the words. 

For evening reading or spaces without natural light, invest in a lamp that will light the pages up with ease. Position your lights high enough that kids won’t be knocking or bumping them but close enough to sufficiently light up the book.

If you’re after a more creative lighting touch, consider stringing up fairy lights to make climbing into the space that much more magical and fun! 

Create Division

No matter what spot you’ve chosen to create your children’s reading nook, perhaps the most important step is creating division. 

You’ll want an area that you never have to disturb or repurpose for other activities. To help create this division, consider hanging up curtains or creating a clear perimeter with rugs, colors, etc. 

The more ‘separate’ and special this space feels, the more likely it is to be used for its original intent – reading! 

Opt for Soft and Comfortable Seating

Yes, children love sitting on the floor. However, they likely won’t be able to stay in this position long if your floor is not soft and plush for their little bums. 

To make sitting and reading more realistic, invest in some seating options that will support their little bodies properly. This may look like a pile of cozy cushions and floor seating, or even a rocking chair for parent-child bonding reading sessions. 

If you’d like your kid’s reading nook to encourage independent reading, include one, ultra-comfortable seating option. You can even make it more appealing by having a ‘special’ seat such as a beanbag chair. For children’s reading nooks that Mom and Dad can be involved in, opt for two seats and ensure your chair is realistic for long-term comfort. 

Make It Cozy

Since reading requires you and your child to be still and settled, it’s likely that you’ll get cold if your space isn’t plush with lots of cozy helpers. 

Pile in some pillows, stock up on blankets, and even include a special ‘reading pal’. Although you don’t want this space to include many ‘toys’, having a plush teddy or two can make your child feel less ‘alone’ when heading into their reading nook to encourage a safe and comfortable experience. 

Add in a Table

While this tip will depend entirely on the amount of space you have, adding in a table is a great option to make your reading nook for kids more realistic. 

Having a table gives your kids a stable spot to place their snacks or drinks without spilling on books or soaking their cushions. 

If you plan to join your kiddo’s in their nook, the table can also be beneficial to hold everything you need to make settling into this space for a book or two comfortable and accessible. 

Make It a Destination

Finally, make your kid’s reading nook a destination by finishing it off with special decorations and touches that make it a truly irresistible place to hang out. 

The more attractive heading to this spot is for your kids, the more likely they’ll be to use and enjoy it. In essence, this means the more time they’ll spend reading

Creating Your Kid’s Reading Nook

Now that you know how to create a kid’s reading nook, it’s time to set to work. With all the benefits of a reading nook for kids, there’s no reason to put off creating this reading haven any longer. 

Want more ideas for entertaining your littles? Check out our art and activities category to discover all the ideas you need to make keeping your kids busy and learning easy as 1,2,3!

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