How to Organize Your Life In Order to Enjoy Quality Time With Your Kids

How to Organize Your Life In Order to Enjoy Quality Time With Your Kids #timesmanagement #organizing #momlife #mom #planning

How do we give our full attention to our children, without completely sacrificing our own identity?  
As a parent of an adult child, a teacher of parent education and a professional organizer I thought this book would be a nice refresher for much of what I already know. But I was wrong. I realized there is so much more to learn and that I want a DO OVER! One of the biggest challenges of parenting is knowing how to balance your time, be present with your kids, and do it effectively. 

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In Julie Morgenstern’s book Time To Parent, this internationally known author and organizing and productivity consultant take on one of the biggest time management projects-PARENTING! How many times have you heard the saying, “So much to do, so little time.” With kids schedules and parents’ commitments, families are bombarded with more activities, than hours in a day. It is no wonder we often go to sleep at night wondering where the day went, much less, where did the years go. When asked how do you get time to slow down? Julie Morgenstern responds with “you become fully present.” And what parent doesn’t want that?

This book is very well organized. Surprise. Surprise. And as a parent often does, the author takes us by the hand and shows us with proven strategies and scientific data how to prioritize our lives, and as parents, to do our part.  The book is broken into two main sections. The first, P.A.R.T., is geared toward taking care of our kids. We need to find time for PROVIDING, ARRANGING, RELATING, and TEACHING.  Section two is all about S.E.L.F. As parents, it is important to remember to take care of ourselves with SLEEP, EXERCISE, LOVE, AND FUN. In both sections, balance is the key. Broken down in readable chunks, with details and attainable goals, this book shows us how to meet the biggest challenge to continuously, easily transition among all eight roles- and most importantly, believe it is possible.

I love acronyms so this book has given me a  visual tool to make it easier to remember the parts, to see where I am lacking, and to assess how well I am doing for the day. If you don’t have time to read the whole book you can get most of what you need in the first four chapters, and for those seeking more tips, details, and advice, read on according to your own needs.

By combining her natural skill of organization with a Master’s Degree in Child Development and over 23 years of teaching Parent Education classes, one of Cheryl’s specialties is helping families clear the chaos! For more details, visit her website, Monkey Do Organizing!  

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How to Organize Your Life In Order to Enjoy Quality Time With Your Kids #timesmanagement #organizing #momlife #mom #planning


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