KidzToPros’ STEM, Arts & Sports Summer Camps in South Bay
KidzToPros Summer Camp

KidzToPros’ STEM, Arts & Sports Summer Camps in South Bay

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KidzToPros Summer Camp
KidzToPros’ STEM, Arts & Sports Summer Camps in South Bay 4

Now’s the perfect time to start planning for summer, including enrolling kids in popular summer camps. That includes KidzToPros’ STEM, arts, and sports camps in South Bay, Los Angeles, CA. They’re popular because kids love fun and excitement, while parents yearn for enrichment activities for kids outside the classroom.

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Do your kids enjoy learning with their peers, then running outside to play?

If so, Makerspace + Play It All Sports might be the perfect find! With this option, young campers learn building techniques for games and toys or vehicles and structures. This requires using critical thinking skills and working with others to solve problems and build unique projects. Then they head outside to exercise and learn the fundamentals of favorite sports, such as soccer, basketball, and more.

Are your future programmers ready to make video games, instead of just playing them?

Gamers know better than anyone what makes a game a winner. Now they can use that knowledge to create playable adventures and learn how to manipulate command blocks and red stones. In Minecraft Coding & Game Design: Adventure Maps, kids get up off their duffs to work with other kids and create original adventures and games. Their friends all over the world will play these games long after summer ends!

Are your kids passionate about music?

Some kids fantasize about performing, while others enjoy the wizardry of music production. We had in mind the latter when we created KidzToPros’ Music Production camp. Here kids play with beatmakers and create danceable mixes and songs. They practice keeping time digitally as they record, sample and edit. Music lovers in this course learn about every genre and how to use rhythm in a variety of ways. Parents won’t want to miss the last day of performances!

KidzToPros Summer Camp
KidzToPros’ STEM, Arts & Sports Summer Camps in South Bay 5

Are your kids into the world’s most popular game?

Known as a fun, exciting sport that’s easy to learn, accessible and great exercise, soccer involves skills like handling and footwork. KidzToPros’ Soccer camp employs experienced coaches who teach your young athlete the rules and basics of soccer and help improve what they already know with positive conditioning and practice. Come out and watch stress-free games and cheer everyone on as players improve by the day!

What are your young artists up to this summer?

If your kid loves to draw, enroll them in KidzToPros’ Art Skills camp. They spend time drawing architecture, anime, and cartoons here, including 2D and 3D architecture and perspective drawing with simple shapes in anime and cartooning. Each day they add more artwork to an exciting portfolio.

KidzToPros Summer Camp

KidzToPros tenders all these camps and more at two Los Angeles locations in South Bay:

Riviera Hall Lutheran School for kids 6-14 and Valor Christian Academy for kids 4-14, with a wide variety of STEM, arts, and sports camps kids love. Use the code LA-50 through June 1st for savings when you enroll today.

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