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Moms Making A Difference: Laurie Wisniewski

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Moms Making A Difference: Laurie Wisniewski

Moms Making A Difference: Laurie Wisniewski

We love celebrating local moms in our community that are Making a Difference!  This week we are shining a spotlight on Laurie Wisniewski!

Tell us a little about you?

“I am originally from NJ… the Jersey Shore. I moved to California in 2007 and to Redondo Beach in 2009. Having no family on the West Coast and being new to the South Bay I joined Sandpipers in 2010!  There I found a real connection to the community and have found some of my nearest and dearest friends! I used to work in Pharmaceutical Sales and in 2011 I found out I was pregnant with Triplets. I was so scared and nervous about how my body was going to carry them safely to term and by the grace of God and thru the village of healthcare professionals I made it all the way to 36 weeks. My trio has been such a joy and my husband Ray and I feel so blessed we get to be their parents!! I took time to be home with them for many years and now that they are 7, I recently started working again but this time with my husband in our Logistics Company, WHISK Logistics! It has been challenging and exciting to be in a new industry and love that I get to get dressed up in a suit from time to time again! I am also busy gearing up to be Sandpipers Co-President for 2020-2021! Exciting busy times ahead!”  COVID 19 has created a new challenge in the lives of working moms everywhere.  The “Safer at Home” time has been challenging for all of us. I am trying to stay focused on getting this right for my kids. When I look back on the last few months I want to be able to say I did my best even if I failed I want to say I gave it my all.  Their happiness is all that matters and we will focus on the laughter!  We are all in this together! “

Moms Making A Difference: Laurie Wisniewski

Do you live in the South Bay?  

Redondo Beach

Tell us a random fun fact about yourself?

“I am better when I am busy! Downtime makes me extra lazy!”

How do you give back to our community?

“Sandpipers. I have been a member since 2010 and love what this organization does for the Community.”

Favorite non-profit and why?

“Sandpipers again!! Sandpipers started in 1931 and has been a driving force of women supporting the community through charitable and philanthropic programs! I love being apart of such an amazing group of like-mined women who love to give back!”

Let us know how Laurie has impacted you and/or our community, leave a comment below!

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