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Movie Review: Early Man

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Movie Review: Early Man! Who knew that soccer (known as football to the rest of the world) actually began during the Stone Age when a meteor fell from the sky?  This is one of the many cute and clever moments in EARLY MAN, the biggest adventure yet from Aardman Animations and Nick Park, the Academy Award-winning creator of WALLACE AND GROMIT and CHICKEN RUN.

This post is sponsored.  We were given tickets to attend a screening of the movie.

Set at the dawn of time (you know, when dinosaurs and woolly mammoths were roaming the earth), EARLY MAN tells the story of Dug, a brave young caveman who unites his tribe against a mysterious enemy, the corrupt Lord Nooth, governor of the nearby Bronze city! He gets help from Goona, a brave young woman he meets in the city who has always dreamed of playing professional soccer, and his bestie, Hognob the pig, who was my eight-year-old’s favorite character. And you know how, at most movies for kids, the parents are just texting and playing on their phones through the whole thing?  I saw quite a few parents parents put down their phones when they saw their kids laughing like crazy and just enjoyed the movie with their children.

EARLY MAN boasts some serious star power when it comes to the voice talent, including Eddie Redmayne as Dug, Maisie Williams from GAME OF THRONES as Goona, and Tom Hiddleston, who seems to be having more fun than anyone as the bad guy, Lord Nooth. You can find some cool behind-the-scenes footage of the actors recording their lines on YouTube!

The Bottom Line: EARLY MAN pits the Stone Age against the Bronze Age in a soccer/football match that rocks, while showing the importance of finding your tribe of people who love and support you.

EARLY MAN opens February 16th
Run time: 89 minutes
MPAA rating: PG
MPAA explanation: rude humor and some action

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