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How Paleo is Helping Me to Create a Healthier Life

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How Paleo is Helping Me to Create a Healthier Life #paleo #whole30 #paleosnacks #healthyeating


Like many others, at the start of the New Year I declared that this year was going to be a healthier year, and I knew that to accomplish that goal I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle, namely my diet. Starting to follow the Paleo diet was one big step in helping me reach my goal.  

Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links.  This post is based on my experience, I am not an expert on this topic.  Please discuss any diet with your Doctor/Dietician prior to starting any program.  

But wait—why not just do a detox for a month? Like Whole30? I gave Whole30 a try after having tummy troubles after my daughter was born. Whole30, a 30-day clean eating plan cuts out foods that could possibly have a negative effect on your health, ie. caffeine, alcohol, grain, dairy, sugar, etc.  Personally, I enjoyed the Whole 30 detox experience, but wanted to find something that was more sustainable in the long term. I can’t just give up coffee forever!

After doing some research, I discovered that the Paleo diet is very similar to Whole30, but it offers more flexibility. On the Whole30 diet, I cut out all grains, but with the Paleo diet I can modify recipes so that I can eat all the pancakes, muffins, and bread I want! (Ok, maybe not all that I want). Essentially, the Paleo diet is a dietary plan that emulates the diet of those that lived during the paleolithic age, a.k.a hunters and gatherers. Lean meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits are all given the green light, whereas grains, legumes, refined sugar, and dairy products are limited. While meal planning hasn’t been too difficult with help from recipes found on Pinterest and my favorite Paleo cookbook, Paleo Slow Cooker, I have been having trouble with…you guessed it…snacking.

So for all my fellow snackaholics, here are a few of my go-to Paleo-friendly snacks:

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  1. Bubba’s Fine Foods’ Uber Chocolate Ungranola – Yum! As a chocolate-loving mama, I love this quick, healthy snack I can grab when I’m on the go. It’s grain-free, non-gmo, and of course, low on sugar and carbs. Not too bad in my book! (And better yet—my kids love it, too!)
  2. Nutrawbar’s 100% Raw Pistachio Butter – If you love pistachios, this pistachio butter is a must! Less sweet than some almond butters I’ve tried, I think it strikes the right balance between sweet and savory.
  3. Nutrawbar’s Raw Fruit and Nut Bar – Can you tell I like Nutrawbar? I literally carry these bars wherever I go. I l love them because they’re great for when I’m on the go rushing from work/meeting/childcare pickup, or just when I need something to tie my stomach over between meals. They’re a little pricey, but with no unnecessary sugars, clean ingredients, and delicious taste—I think they’re worth the splurge.
  4. Lindsays Naturals California Black Ripe Pitted Olives – Completely natural (and no added black dye!) these olives are the only olives I buy now.
  5. Steve’s PaleoGoods’ Coconut Fig Paleobites – I never thought I’d be one of those people that bought “paleo” foods, but these are so good! Full of coconut, almonds, and figs, these have quickly become one of my go-to guilt-free snacks perfect for when I’m craving something sweet. They also have a lemon pomegranate flavor!
  6. Wild Planet Tuna – This is a great healthy snack! With just two ingredients – Tuna + Salt to provide rich, flavorful tuna you want without unnecessary additives. No added water, oil or fillers, and no need to drain!  You can also mix it with a little Paleo friendly Chosen Foods Avocado Mayo and any veggies you would normally add with tuna salad.  I like adding, onion, bell pepper, and cucumber in mine.  

Other great things to have in the house are fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, and nut milks (though make sure to read the ingredients—not all nut milks are created equal or are paleo-friendly!) Here’s a list I created with some of my favorite Paleo & Whole 30 foods to have on hand

If you’re interested in starting the Paleo diet, I highly recommend doing some research and talking to your doctor to make sure it’s right for you. Here’s to us all leading healthier lives in 2019!

Laura Stotland is the Founder +Editor in Chief, Local Anchor.  She is also a Marketing, Digital and Social Media Strategist with an extensive background in media, digital, and entertainment marketing; including the proven track record to increasing revenue, creation and execution of strategic marketing plans, and managing talent and teams; gained her experience working with The Walt Disney Company, Clear Channel Radio (now iHeart Media) and The Alliance for Women in Media. Additionally, Laura has worked in social media, advancing the public awareness through the Pancreatic Cancer Network. Above all, Laura is poised to aid businesses grow successfully in development and execution of strategic marketing plans that tap into current and future trends through traditional marketing channels, strategic use of influencer marketing, and a variety of digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Pinterest.
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How Paleo is Helping Me to Create a Healthier Life #paleo #whole30 #paleosnacks #healthyeating

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