6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old
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6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old

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Mom and boy making snowballs
6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old 6

Who doesn’t love the joy that comes with a snow day? In the continental United States, snow can fall as many as 98 days per year. So, the question is, what do kids do when the snow starts falling? Playing in the snow is the perfect excuse to get the kids off of their devices and outdoors for some exercise. The best part is, with plenty of fun snow activities, they won’t even realize they’re getting a workout (and neither will you)!

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6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old 7

The Best Snow Activities of All Time

Here are six of the best activities for kids in the snow:

1. Snowball Fight

This one is a classic, and best of all, kids and grown-ups of all ages will love getting in on the action. Keep things simple, ball up some snow in your fist and start a fight. Or kick things up a notch for older kids and organize teams for a real snow battle.  

You can also outfit your crew with snowball makers for the truly competitive, or just to add a little more fun to the fight! These snow scoopers help your kids make the perfect snowball.

Mom and boy making snowballs
6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old 8

photo: Victoria Borodinova via Pexels

2. Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Of course you do! It wouldn’t be a snow day without making a new snow buddy. Building a snowman is an excellent way to get creative and practice those art skills. It’s also a great cooperative activity that the whole family can have fun doing together.

Once you have those snowballs rolled and stacked, the kids can get creative in dressing up their snowman. Typical items include a hat, a carrot or button nose, and a scarf around its neck, but you never know what fun ideas the kids will come up with. Maybe a snow spider with sticks for legs or a snow alien with a dozen eyes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your little builder’s imagination.

3. Build a Snow Fort 

Whether made of pillows or snow, forts are always a good time. Building a sturdy one can be tricky, but it’s a great way to exercise those STEM skills while having some fun. You can always give your young engineers a boost with some tools. Kind of like building a sandcastle, snow block molds can help kids build studier structures out of snow that will last longer.

A boy making a snow angel
6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old 9

photo: Jimmy Conover via Unsplash

4. Make Snow Angels 

Another way for kids to show off their artistic side is to make a snow angel, and this is something all kids, no matter what age, can do. All you have to do is lay down in the snow, move your arms and legs back and forth and see what you create. 

5. Go Sledding 

Snow sledding is always an instant hit. This is a classic activity for kids, and it only requires a sled, snow saucer, or any item around your house you can use as a sled. Anything from an inner tube you use in the pool to a boogie board can make an instant sled if you don’t have an actual one handy. Repurposing an item as a sled can be an opportunity for your kids to practice their resourcing skills and think outside the box.

snow activities for kids
6 Classic Snow Activities for Kids That Never Get Old 10

photo: Greg Rosenke via Unsplash

6. Go Snowshoeing 

Finally, you can go a little bit outside of your backyard and put on some snowshoes to go exploring around your area with your kids. Snowshoeing is an excellent activity for families that enjoy hiking, and you can do it just about anywhere you have some open space to roam. Unlike some other winter activities, you don’t need to be particularly athletic to attempt snowshoeing, making it a great introductory snow sport.

No matter what snow activities you plan, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun! The kids will have a blast even if that snowman is lumpy or their snowballs fall apart and the memories you make will last forever.

What are your favorite snow activities to do with your family? Share your snow day ideas in our Facebook group.

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