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South Bay Therapists Offering Teletherapy

South Bay Therapists Offering Teletherapy

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South Bay Therapists Offering Teletherapy
South Bay Therapists Offering Teletherapy

Looking for Therapists Teletherapy? We are in unprecedented times and the result of it all can cause a severe stress, anxiety and other health issues.  Our South Bay Therapists have taken swift action to bring their services online to help our community during this time of crisis.

NOTE – We are not endorsing any of the following, just providing this list as a resource.  We will continue to update.  If you would like to be added to our list, please contact us here

Julie Payne
Peninsula Center for Children & Families

Abby Wald Withee

Mel Dumas

Andrew Sage Mendez-McLeish
Wild Summit Consulting

Rebecca Newton Huber

Elana Lev

Fay Hove

Lisa Christine Quidwai 

Rebecca Salvato Ruberg

Marina Talley

Jaclyn Michelle

Carol Bartels

Marilyn Ashley

Yulia Koba Antoniadou

Jenny Moon

Laurie Snyder-Berkowitz

Sofi Dominguez

Albert Knapp & Associates A Psychological Corporation

Liz Ves

Sara Stanizai Lmft

John Webber

Jill Smith

Susana Marquez

Joel Schwartz

Christina Calzadilla

Taylor Addison

Tori Smith

Justin Bethoney

Monica Adimari Fyfe

Adrian Walker Hall…/

Brooke Sklar

Crystal Mc Q

Britt Anne

Robyn LynnGarnett

Alyse Eldred

Julissa Cortes, Psy.D.

Jason von Stietz

Vanessa Isetta

Debbie Ramirez

Yifat Block

R.J. Thomas

Melis Alkin

Christine Kelly MacInnis

Brittany Boveé Schwartz

Robin Kusilka

Whitney Boole

Jessie Mags

Alanna Turner

Nicole Mariee

Shannon Nemzer

Gerard Sobnosky

Kate Mosier

Erin Rieger

Irina Jodzio

Nora Taylor

Yasmeen Benjamin

Sara Sedlik Haynes 

Cathy Chambluss ,MFT

Additional Resources for your family:

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