Thanksgiving Kindness Project: Making Cards for Families In Need

Thanksgiving Kindness Project: Making Cards for Families In Need

September 20, 2022

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Thanksgiving kindness project
Thanksgiving Kindness Project: Making Cards for Families In Need 5

Have you ever received a homemade card? It’s a wonderful feeling to know someone took the time to make something special. Local Anchor is teaming up with the Los Angeles Food Bank to help families for the 2022 “Season for Sharing” campaign. We will partner with local schools for a special Thanksgiving Kindness card-making project throughout the fall. Kids and families in our community will be asked to make unique Thanksgiving Kindness cards that will be distributed during the 2022 holiday season.

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Local Anchor is Teaming Up With the Los Angeles Food Bank to Help Families for the 2022 “Season for Sharing”

Homemade kindness cards created by kids and collected in the community will help bring smiles to families across Los Angeles this year. Students will make and collect cards through school sites and select local business locations. Kindness cards will be distributed by the LA Food Bank along with food during the 2022 holiday season.  

About the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Before COVID-19, 2 million people faced food insecurity in LA County, including more than 570,000 children. Each month, the LA Regional Food Bank reaches 800,000 individuals facing food insecurity, an increase from 300,000 before the pandemic.

Did you know that the LA Regional Food Bank supports 688 Partner Agencies in LA County by distributing 131 million pounds of food!  

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is the central resource for the supply and distribution of food for people in need throughout LA County. In cooperation with hundreds of partner agencies, the Food Bank serves hundreds of thousands of people each month.

LA County is home to more food insecure children than any other county in the USA. Each day, after-school meals are provided to thousands of children. On Fridays during the school year, students receive a backpack with healthy food for weekend meals at home.

valentine card ideas
Thanksgiving Kindness Project: Making Cards for Families In Need 7

Thanksgiving Kindness Card Project Instructions

  1. Parents – register your school, group or family here, so we can have an estimate on how many cards are coming in.
  2. Pull together any arts and crafts supplies like construction paper, markers, crayons, stickers, stamps, etc. Check out our DIY Card ideas here.
  3. You can complete this project with a group of friends, in a classroom, with a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop, a sports team, or just at home with family.
  4. Let kids get creative! Having fun is part of learning the benefits of kindness.
  5. Include your child’s first name and age on the card.


  • Greetings should be general good wishes applicable to a diverse patient population. 
  • Good examples: “Happy Thanksgiving!” “Best Wishes,” “Thinking of you today.” “Sending sunny wishes your way.” 
  • No religious or sectarian references
  • No Advertising/Branding 
  • No food items such as candy, pasta, or cereal

Cards don’t need to be in envelopes, but please leave them unsealed if they are.

valentine card ideas
Thanksgiving Kindness Project: Making Cards for Families In Need 8

How to have a Conversation about Kindness with kids

While doing this project, have a conversation about what it means to give back and share kindness.  Here are some examples of conversation starters from Abby Withee, MFT,

We’re making these cards for people that are in hard times right now.  

  • How do you think it will make them feel to get a special card when they don’t feel well?
  • What would make you feel happy if you weren’t feeling well?
  • How does it make you feel to know they will feel happy/smile/etc because of the cards you made?
  • What else can we do to be kind and spread happiness?
  • Talk to your kids about bucket fillers. We all have a bucket inside of us and kind acts fill up our bucket with good feelings. We can fill our buckets by doing good things for others as well as receiving.
  • Parents, check out this post: Growing Your Heart With Gratitude by Abby Withee, MFT

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Local Anchor

Local Anchor

Local Anchor, is a nationwide media company offering masterfully curated content, focused on supporting families navigate their busy lives by serving parents, and caregivers with hyperlocal resources to cultivate kindness; encourage empathy, and empower its users to build supportive communities rooted in shared interests. Our Vision is to foster a national culture of kindness, one community at a time; by empowering families to develop and invest in giving back, volunteering, and building supportive communities. Our Mission is to empower community members with a platform, tools, mentorship, and partnership in order to build and nurture a local culture of kindness, fun, and togetherness.

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