5 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids
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5 Easy Fall Crafts To Do With Your Kids

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Fall Crafts for Kids
5 Easy Fall Crafts To Do With Your Kids 4

Feeling inspired by a visit to the pumpkin patch? Why not use that creative energy and make a great fall craft with the kids. From the fall colors to cozy hours indoors, it’s perfect season to make some art. Pour your pumpkin spice latte, grab your craft supplies, and huddle up around the kitchen table for a crafty morning with these easy fall crafts.

Tree Craft

Nothing spells fall season quite like apple trees. While apple picking is one of the most fun fall activities, making your own colorful fall trees brimming with apples makes for a great craft project. All you need is paper, finger paints, and a wine cork. For toddlers or younger kids help paint a tree trunk with branches at the center of your paper. Using fingers dipped in paint to create dots of fall colors throughout the the branches to make leaves. To add your apples, dip the end of the wine cork in red paint and stamp them throughout the leaves.

Turkey Handprint Oven Mitt

Turkey handprints have long been a staple fun fall craft, but they’re also a great way to give a thoughtful gift for Thanksgiving. For this simple craft grab a set of oven mitts from the dollar store and some fabric paints. Help your kiddo paint their hand with the fabric paints to look like a colorful turkey and then have them press their hand onto the oven mitt. Use a permanent marker to add a message or the date. The finished product makes for a perfect grandparent gift.

Scarecrow Craft

Scarecrows always make for festive fall decorations. There are many easy crafts you can do to create a cute scarecrow. It can be as simple as a paper craft. Using a paper plate, have your younger kids draw a scarecrow face on the plate and then glue on yarn or straw for hair. If you have any scrap fabric, use it to create a hat or a bow tie. For older kids these wooden spoon scarecrows are a fun scarecrow craft. Just grab some spoons from the dollar store and let them decorate. You can even host a puppet show after with the completed scarecrows.

Fall Leaves for Crafts
5 Easy Fall Crafts To Do With Your Kids 5

Fall Leaf Suncatcher

Fall is a great time to go on a nature walk and talk about all the different colorful leaves that you see. As you walk collect some leaves that have fallen and take them home to make some beautiful fall leaf crafts. All you need is the leaves you collected, some contact paper, a hole punch, and string. Have your kids create designs and patterns with the leaves by sticking them onto a sheet of contact paper. For younger kids this is an excellent opportunity to work on those fine motor skills. Once the design is complete, press another sheet of contact paper on top, sealing the leaves in place. Punch a hole at the top of the contact paper and thread some string through it to create a hanger. Hang it in a window to enjoy.

EXTRA: If you have leftover leaves, let the kids get creative turning them into these adorable leaf finger puppets with some pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, and googly eyes.

Pinecone Creatures

Pinecone crafts are another fun way to let nature inspire some unique fall art projects. While spending some quality time on a family walk, collect pinecones and twigs and just let your kids get creative turning the pinecones into animals and unique creatures. Provide them with glue, and some basic supplies, like pom poms, glitter glue, pipe cleaners and see what creative creatures they come up with.

BONUS CRAFT: Make A Fall Centerpiece/Tablescape

Another perfect activity to get super creative and give your kids a sense of pride around the holiday dinner table is by having them create autumn crafts to use as decorations. Arm them with supplies like faux autumn leaves, popsicle sticks, craft pumpkins, and tissue paper and let them have some fun. Kids of all ages will enjoy this craft time.

5 Fun Fall Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Whether you’re decorating the Thanksgiving Table or just want a creative fall centerpiece, there are some fun DIY fall decor ideas to try:

  • Fill a basket or bowl with painted faux pumpkins
  • Decorate some candle holders
  • Make napkin rings
  • Use sponges and fall colored paint to stamp paper then create adorable place cards with them
  • Make a paper bag turkey

No matter how your crafts turn out in the end, it’s the process that your kids will enjoy most and cherish throughout the holiday season. What are some fun fall and Thanksgiving crafts your kids have enjoyed? Share your ideas with us on our Local Anchor Facebook group.

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