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Community Spotlight: Imperfectly Fit

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Are you struggling with keeping fit during this pandemic?!  Are your kids getting enough exercise?  We’re not judging and neither is local fitness expert Molly and her company, Imperfectly Fit!  You’ll especially want to learn about her new program for kids launching soon: Kids Corner!

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Community Spotlight: Imperfectly Fit

Tell us about your company:

“I’m a personal trainer, traveling either to people’s homes or they can come to mine where I keep my equipment out in the backyard. My brand is called Imperfectly Fit. I chose that name because our routines will never be 100% perfect. Sometimes we will work out five days a week and eat according to our goals, but sometimes running a business or becoming a parent becomes our priority and we’ll find ourselves working out less and eating foods we normally wouldn’t. As much as I love the fitness industry, it misleads people into thinking that they need to be working out five days a week, or achieve a thin figure, to become healthy. That’s just not true! My goal is to show my clients that health comes in a variety of sizes and that although it’s important to exercise and eat nutrient dense foods, our value is not predicated on what our body looks like.”

What inspired you to launch this business:

“I became a trainer for the sole purpose of bettering people’s mental health. At one point I developed panic disorder which meant random panic attacks with no particular triggers. I ended up in the hospital multiple times thinking I was dying of a heart attack until we finally figured out anxiety was to blame. It wasn’t until I started exercising regularly and eating a more balanced diet that my panic attacks became far and few between. This was so drastically life-changing for me that I had to make it my mission to share this knowledge with others. I try to gap the bridge between mental health and physical health for all my clients. I also felt that there was a need for more honesty and less deceit in the industry. Many health companies mean well, but there are also many who prey on the insecurities of people, getting them to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on products that they do not need, nor do they usually work.”

Tell us about your new kids program:

“Schools are not opening this fall, posing not only a threat to kids’ education, but also to their physical health and social skills. And let’s be honest- parents need a break too! I designed a kids fitness program for kids ages 6-12. Classes will run for 90 minutes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There is limited availability since each class is capped at 8 kids. Children will stay within their group for the duration of the program, therefore limiting the amount of people they’re exposed to. Classes will be taking place outdoors. I’m really excited to help kids keep their immune systems strong through exercise, while also giving them a chance to work on their social skills. The basics of nutrition will also be covered.”

What can one expect when working with you:

“When my clients are struggling to get through an exercise, I’m constantly reminding them that we learn to rest, not to quit. Clients can expect to be appropriately challenged, while also encouraged to listen to their bodies and rest between exercises as needed. I provide my clients with optional journal prompts as well so that they can learn how to track their progress and see for themselves how exercise is making a positive impact on other areas of their lives.”

Tell us a little about you:

“I was fortunate enough to grow up in Redondo Beach. Now I live in Del Aire. Growing up, I was never into sports aside from mixed martial arts. In fact, I actually used to try to skip P.E class as much as possible in middle school! So when people from high school find out I became a trainer, they’re pretty surprised. But hey, that’s life, always taking us on an unexpected journey.”

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working?

“I’m a total bookworm! I can stay inside reading all day. But if I don’t have a book in hand, I can be found lounging at the beach, exploring a new hiking trail, or spending time with friends.”

How do you give back to the community?

“I make most of my donations through my church, Journey of Faith, in Manhattan Beach. They use the donations to give back to the South Bay through events such as food drives. I also enjoy solo beach clean ups. It’s disheartening when people leave their trash behind, and although it’s not my responsibility to clean up after others, I figure it’s the least I can do to help take care of the community.”

Imperfectly Fit

Imperfectly Fit

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