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Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help

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Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help
Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help 5

MommyAssist is a new On Demand service that will help get all those chores done quickly! Have you found yourself needing an extra help around the house? Maybe it’s doing some cleaning, organizing or even doing some errands? We are so excited to share with you this new service started by two South Bay Moms!

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Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help

Tell us about MommyAssist

MommyAssist is an on-demand assistant service created just for moms. We’re the extra pair of hands that help moms accomplish the things that regularly need to get done– like tidy up a room, fold laundry, run errands, reorganize the pantry, wash dishes and more. Parents can order a background-checked Assister to come and help for an hour or more so they can get time back to focus on whatever it is that they need to.

Unlike housekeepers or nannies, our primary focus is to take care of moms and assist with the day to day, at a cost that is affordable and when you need it – whether that’s planned or at an unexpected time. 

What inspired you to launch MommyAssist?

We started the business born of our own realities as mothers. Our founders, Emily and Shawn, quickly realized the value of having a village after we became moms. We had chores we hated and didn’t always (or often!) have help. Everywhere we turned, we heard moms saying how they needed more time in their day, how tired they were, how there were personal things they simply weren’t able to get to. Emily ended up helping a fellow mom friend one day, and they talked about how awesome even an hour of help would be. Just like that, the idea for MommyAssist was born. It made sense to us that a little bit of help would also mean a good amount of relief– hopefully alleviating some of what moms have to take care of.

What is one of your proudest moments?

As working moms, it’s a tremendous source of pride to see our service up and running, and to see that our customers really find our assistance valuable. We’re thrilled when we’re told how we set someone up for success for the week, or that they’ll actually be able to rest that night. We love knowing that we’re doing something that really is helpful. But our name is more than just helping moms with chores – we aim to support mom owned businesses, provide resources for moms in need of other kinds of assistance (like post-partum issues) and to employ moms at a fair wage while providing them flexibility to, you know, be a mom.

Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help
Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help 6

What can one expect when working with MommyAssist?

Our clients can expect quality, judgement-free and friendly help when working with us. Our Assister team is trained to do these tasks in a high quality and efficient way. We want to ensure our clients are satisfied, so we’ll consult with you on your needs, what we’ll do and how we’ll do it. We think the best thing we offer is that we understand because we’re moms (as are our Assisters), and we’re not bothered by kids, messes or the unpredictable nature of mom-life.  You can also expect your Assister to comply with Covid-19 precautions including mask wearing, and social distancing. Check out our FAQs for more details on what you can expect when working with us. 

Tell us a little more about you both:

Emily is South Bay native, born at Torrance Memorial, educated at South Bay schools through high school and currently a resident of Torrance. A marketer of over 20 years, her most important jobs are mom to Vienna and wife to Miguel, but she also takes great joy in her extended family and community work with women’s organizations. Shawn is originally from Michigan, but after 20 years in the South Bay, she’s a Californian now. You can often find her enjoying Redondo Beach and all it’s offerings with her daughter Avery and husband Dan. Shawn and Emily are long-time friends after having worked together in an ad agency. In fact, Emily was the first person Shawn met in California…and many years later, they both gave birth to little girls less than a year apart. They’re over the moon to run a business that they feel helps and provides a valuable service to moms like them.

Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help
Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help 7
Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help
Community Spotlight: MommyAssist, On Demand Help 8

Anything else you’d like to include?

If you’re interested in becoming an Assister, we’d love to hear from you. Assisters set their own schedule, make more than minimum wage and are trained by us. Visit our Facebook page to apply.
Contact us at [email protected].

[email protected]
Google Reviews:

Offer: Get your first hour for $25 or save $10 off any combo package with referral code SBMAD. Offer ends 6/30/2021.

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