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Community Spotlight: PlanetBravo

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Community Spotlight: PlanetBravo

Community Spotlight: PlanetBravo

PlanetBravo is creating opportunities for kids to learn about STEM over the Summer through their Summer Camp programs.  To learn more about their wonderful program, check out this weeks Community Spotlight: PlanetBravo.

Update: Due to the pandemic, Planet Bravo is currently offering their 2020 summer camp programs online through August. To find out more information, click here.

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Tell us about PlanetBravo?

PlanetBravo is a year-round technology education company for children in Grades PK-8. In addition to the summer camps entering their 18th year in June, PlanetBravo operates as the technology curriculum provider for over 40 schools in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Lessons range from digital citizenship to coding to video editing and podcasting to robotics.”

What inspired you to launch this business?

“I was a 5th grade teacher who loved to integrate technology into lessons. This was 1999, so the best we could was use two giant computers along the wall in my room, my personal laptop, and a computer lab downstairs. When I was given the chance to become the computer teacher for the school, I realized how much potential there was to explore specifically in the computer sciences (programming, examining and creating with computers). Sadly, technology-centric classes are mostly only given one hour a week in schools, so I launched a 40-hour summer camp where we could dive deep into the subjects I really wanted to teach.”

Community Spotlight: PlanetBravo

What is one of your proudest moments?

“The moments where I feel the proudest are when we get calls from parents thanking us for giving their child a place they really feel they fit. It could be a child who struggles during the school year academically or one who doesn’t connect with others in middle school, and they find friends and genuine success at the camp. They find confidence. They have fun. And they learn important tech skills. The only time I’ve cried at work is when a parent cries over how grateful they are. I always appreciated this in the past; but never felt the raw emotion until having kids of my own. I am so grateful we have a program that connects with so many children and makes them feel they belong.”

What can one expect when working with you/visiting your location?

“Each one of our camps has a personality. The moment we arrive to set up camp, we arrange our tables strategically for our ‘classrooms’ and decorate to fit a theme of the camp location. With 14 different locations, you can expect 14 different decorated themes in the camp lab each summer. From there, you can expect an organized and well-run atmosphere with a team that truly cares about doing a great job.”

Community Spotlight: PlanetBravo

Tell us a little about you:

“Before moving to Los Angeles, I visited several times a year from 1996 to 1999, and always stayed in Redondo. I visited so often and never left the south bay that I swore that I knew what LA was like. I rented a car on a visit in 1998 and learned LA was not Redondo. I’ve been chasing the south bay life ever since. My wife, two children and myself live in Burbank.”

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working?

“I have a massive list of the things I’ve loved doing in the South Bay. Hermosa Pier, Del Amo Mall, riding bikes down the Strand, running along the beach, strolling through Riviera Village, eating at Mongolian Big Wok.” 🙂

How do you give back to the community?

PlanetBravo awards scholarships every April 15th to students in the South Bay for our Manhattan Beach and Torrance camp locations.”
Apply online at

[email protected] 

South Bay Locations:
Manhattan Beach Middle School
1501 N Redondo Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Torrance – Coming Soon 

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