Moms Making A Difference: Natalie Croswell | Local Anchor

Moms Making A Difference: Natalie Croswell

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Moms Making A Difference: Natalie Croswell

Moms Making A Difference: Natalie Croswell

This week we are spotlighting a local mom that wears many hats in the community!  She loves supporting women and moms and we are excited to spotlight her this week on Moms Making a Difference in the South Bay!

Tell us a little about you?

“Hi! I’m Natalie – I’m mama to two beautiful daughters, Raelyn and Kennedy. My husband, Chris, and I met in college through mutual friends. After that, we moved to San Francisco and lived there for 10 years! Ugh, I love that city. We had our first daughter there, and once we were pregnant with #2, it was time to get Raelyn out of the closet of a one bedroom apartment and closer to family. So we moved back down! In that move, I left my career in marketing and took over ownership of FIT4MOM Torrance! It has been the best decision EVER!!! I have met so many amazing local mamas that I get to share in this motherhood journey with at every stage.”

“It wasn’t until I joined the SAHM universe that I even knew what a “side hustle” was – so now I’ve got one of those too, because it feels amazing to still have something that is just mine!”

Do you live in the South Bay?  

“I live in Long Beach.”

Moms Making A Difference: Natalie Croswell

Tell us a random fun fact about yourself?

“Any other women out there more handy than your husbands? LOL”

How do you give back to/support our community?

“I run a local FIT4MOM in Torrance to help moms find their fit. We offer fitness classes for all stages of motherhood – whether you’re getting back into fitness without wanting to leave your baby behind, or you’re ready to make time for yourself in the evenings. We host weekly playgroups so that our kids form relationships too. Plus, monthly mom’s nights out, because don’t we deserve those?!” 

Moms Making A Difference: Natalie Croswell

Favorite non-profit and why?

“Ronald McDonald House Charities is one of my favorites. My sister benefitted from their services throughout her childhood.” 

Let us know how Natalie has impacted you and/or our community, leave a comment below!

Local Anchor is looking for local moms doing awesome things in our community and we need your help! Nominate a local mom that you’d like to see featured on our website for their awesomeness, community service, and just being a rock star mom! Click here to nominate!

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