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Together We Heal: Community Breathwork on the Beach

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This is a big time of life. Breathwork is a powerful way to return to love and light. Let’s come together for a powerful community healing.

This session is completely free. A gift. The intention is to bring our incredible South Bay community together to heal and connect to the love & light within. We are more powerful together and connecting to love will in turn impact the world. Breathwork is an absolutely incredible way to shift into calm & love and I want to give everyone who desires it access. Please send this to anyone you know that may need/want to participate.

Breathwork is a powerful and natural way to clear stuck energies, release stress & anxiety and clear pain from the body to take you into a state of calm and peaceful bliss. It is an active form of meditation. As you lie on a mat on the sand, listening to the waves and music in the background, Jamie guides you through an active breathwork experience to allow the body to return to a calm and peaceful state.


Breathwork is a pathway to your own natural medicine and intelligence. Clear your mind, heal your body and awaken your spirit. Jamie is simply the guide and empowers you to tap into your own powers using your breath.

It is easy to feel stressed and chaotic in the world today. Breathwork is a way to release the stresses and reconnect to the calmness within. At the end of this workshop you will feel lighter, and more connected to a frequency of love and peace.

Benefits of Breathwork:

Stress Relief

Anxiety Relief

Improve Sleep

Calm Nervous System

Boost Immune System

Improve Digestion

Reduce Pain

Truly Feel Relaxed

Connect with Intuition

Feel Love

Heal Trauma

Pause the Racing Mind

All levels are welcome.

**If you are new to breathwork this is a great place to start. This breathwork is likely unlike anything you’ve experienced. It is different than yoga breathing and it is different than meditation. In many ways it is hard to put into words. I will be guiding you through step by step to make it easy. Most people feel incredibly calm at the end of the session.

**It is not advisable to do breathwork while pregnant

What others are saying after Breathwork with Jamie:

I feel replenished and calm-as if I now have a clean slate.” -Breathwork Client

INCREDIBLE! This was the most intense (in a good way) experience. Jamie was able to unlock YEARS of pent up trauma and shame within just one session.” Kelly after Breathwork Session

I was blown away by how profound my experience was participating in Jamie’s workshop. The experience from beginning to completion was amazing and way more than I anticipated.” -Breathwork Workshop Participant

Incredible. After many attempts at meditation and not getting much out of it, I came into this session with low expectations because I felt like maybe my mind just isn’t cut out for this type of work. Jamie prepared us for what emotions and physical reactions may come up in the session as a first-timer. I was absolutely blown away by how impactful my time with Jamie was. I was able to stay engaged the entire workshop and by the end, the word that would not leave my mind was “gratitude”. My perspective shifted and after a very difficult week in my personal life, I came away feeling hopeful and at ease. This session was a gift to my anxious mind and I’m forever indebted to Jamie for that.” -Josi after Breathwork Session

The experience was incredible to say the least. Jamie did such an amazing job making you feel like you were in a safe and comfortable environment. I have done a lot with meditation, however, the breathwork took it up another level. Jamie did such an amazing job with facilitating the breath work. I felt so comfortable and safe. I really loved how clam and serene I felt. I feel as if I was able to uncover certain emotions and even future visions. It really relaxed and cleared my mind of it’s constant worry. 100/10 experience” -Kailey after Breathwork Session

“My breathwork experience was exhilarating. It’s been a few years since I’ve done breathwork and felt a little rusty, but Jamie is so welcoming and calming I felt as if I were in safe hands. I really enjoyed it and came out feeling relaxed and inspired to write in my journal. Jamie is a completely gifted individual. Her ability to guide meditation/breathwork really impressed me, the words just flowed perfectly offering the most protected and relaxing experience to my breathwork session. I really enjoyed the experience and felt she was very professional. She offered a safe space where I felt I could totally be myself.” -Jackie after Breathwork Session

Location: Hermosa Beach, on the beach. The exact location will be emailed to you

How to prepare: Wear comfortable clothes. Bring water, socks, blanket and yoga mat

If you don’t have a yoga mat email jamie@jamielovelynn.com to request to borrow one.


More details of how to prepare will be emailed to you.

Jamie is a certified breathwork facilitator passionate about using natural methods to self soothe, heal and ultimately live a life of joy. Life is full of stresses and chaos so it is more important than ever to find ways to restore peace within. She believes each and every person is a gift to this world and it is her joy and passion to share these practices that transformed her own life.

Learn more about Jamie and Breathwork here: www.jamielovelynn.com

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Nov 11 2023


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Hermosa Beach
The Sand, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254, US

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