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Moms Making A Difference: Jen Langsdale

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Moms Making A Difference: Jen Langsdale

We are thrilled to recognize Jen as our next “Mom Making a Difference,” because she has truly made a difference in so many lives through her Mommy & Me classes at the Nest in the South Bay!

Jenn Evans Langsdale is so supportive of new and veteran moms in our community! Her classes at the Nest not only help us with everyday mom survival tips but in connecting with other moms and creating wonderful friendships!!! She has helped so many of us when we had questions or needed guidance and support!!” – Georgina Pattison

Tell us a little about you?

“My husband and I have lived in the South Bay for 10 years. We have 3 boys (7, 5, and 1) who keep us very busy and constantly laughing. I feel so incredibly lucky to own the Nest Mommy & Me program in Hermosa. We offer classes to mamas and their babies from 0-18 months, with classes for first time mamas, 2nd/3rd time mamas, working mamas, and toddlers. Walking into the Nest is my home away from home. I become very close to the mamas in my classes and love watching the babies grow and develop. I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives and am a better wife and mom because of everything I’ve learned from the moms in my program. One day a week you’ll find me teaching at the Nest. On the other days of my week, you’ll find me in yoga pants running my kids to school, library story times, play dates, sports, and scrambling to throw together a dinner my kids will eat!”

Do you live in the South Bay?  

“Palos Verdes.”

Tell us a random fun fact about yourself?

“I don’t drink coffee! If you see my Starbuck’s cup in my morning classes at the Nest, inside is probably hot chocolate.”????

Moms Making A Difference: Jen Langsdale

How do you give back and support our community?

“The Nest has supported families in the South Bay community for nearly 10 years now! I feel so blessed to be able to support families, be involved in the lives of new moms, and to watch their babies and families grow. We have started a weekly complimentary lactation support group at the Nest, run by a Certified Lactation Educator. After years of hearing from moms how difficult breastfeeding can be, and after my own challenging experiences, I wanted to prioritize providing this service in a way that was accessible to all families in our area. I am so proud of this group and feel so grateful to be able to provide it.”

“Our families at the Nest are incredibly generous and thoughtful. We have had a long-standing tradition that a few times a year we hold the Nest ‘swap meet’ – a time when moms can bring in gently used or unused baby clothes, diapers, formula, and more. The moms “swap” with one another and we make an enormous donation to a couple of local organizations who support women and children in need of these items. My heart is always so full filling my minivan to the brim with donations, and I’m so grateful to the mamas in our program who have such generous hearts.”

Moms Making A Difference: Jen Langsdale

Favorite non-profit and why?

“Oh my goodness – there are too many to list! The Nest has partnered with Baby Buddha’s Closet for years and also the 1736 Family Crisis Center. We love supporting Sandpipers because so many of our Nest mamas are involved in the organization and I’m so blown away by the work that they do. Also – our local education foundations for our school districts! I believe strongly in investing in our local children and their futures.”

Let us know how Jen has impacted you and/or our community, leave a comment below!

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