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Managing Work and Kids During a Pandemic

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Managing Work and Kids During a Pandemic
Managing Work and Kids During a Pandemic 16

Managing work and kids during a Pandemic: A conversation with Julie Cole, Co-Founder, Mabel’s Labels Inc.

While the pandemic is new to all of us, there are some incredible moms who are no strangers to working from home with kids. Thankfully for us, moms like Julie Cole have mastered the art of managing how to work from home with babies, toddlers, and children of all ages. Our conversation with Julie Cole, Co-Founder of Mabel’s Labels Inc., offers tips for working from home with young children. Learn ways to balance wfh mom life with distance learning and homeschooling. 

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Julie, you started Mabel’s Labels 17 years ago, just after your son’s autism diagnosis. You have six kids. Clearly, you are used to being productive while having children under foot. Can you start by telling us just a little bit about those early days?

OK, so now we are all trying to manage kids at home, online learning and running businesses. How can you create a space to make this even happen?

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I know you always speak about how managing expectations and strong communication is key for families to function during difficult times. Can you talk a bit about that?

How can having independent kids help us through these times? What do you do to try to encourage independence in children?

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