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Community Spotlight: MESH space

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Community Spotlight: MESH space
Community Spotlight: MESH space 4

There’s a new very special co-working space open in South Redondo Beach, called MESH space. It truly has something for everyone, including beautiful work spaces, delicious coffee and bakery items, and of course a special designated play area for kids.

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Community Spotlight: MESH space

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Tell us about your company?

Family, community, and quality are at the heart of everything we do.  Mid-2018, we launched MESH kids co., a play experience company focusing on children 0-6yo.  Today, with immense love, we extend that focus to parents and caretakers of those 0-6yo children with MESH space, a chic coffee, coworking, and community lounge in South Redondo Beach.

What inspired you to launch this business? 

Life!  But seriously. Just as MESH kids derived from the realization that our toddlers lacked developmentally appropriate play experiences (think indoor playgrounds and bounce houses), and that I was also tired of harsh color overload, MESH space derived from the realization that I couldn’t “do it all” without sacrificing the quality of my output as a parent, employee, and business owner.  There were many, many days I so wished for “some place” I could take my small children with me and work productively—bonus if I could do this while surrounded by a community of likeminded people.  When I was feeling greedy, I would dream of a world where I could be with my small children but still drink my hot coffee while it’s still hot.  (Wild, right?)  Fast-forward 2.5 years, MESH space is born!

What is one of your proudest moments? 

Those closest to me know that I’ll be your cheerleader and sing your praises all day, any day, but it’s rare that I feel proud of my own successes.  As much as I want to dodge this question, it’s forced me to think about my journey and made me (more) aware of all that’s unfolded within this past year.  Among the very many stress-inducing scenarios, we managed to maintain a healthy and happy home, finally completed construction, and opened doors to our first brick and mortar.  Brought my dream and vision to life, and while I have so many different emotions, there are sentiments of pride in the mix, so thank you for asking this question and giving me the opportunity to reflect. 

What can one expect when working with you/visiting your location?

Here at MESH space, we offer parents and caretakers like you a beautiful, mindful space with an in-house café, flexible work stations (AKA “hot desks”), plush lounge seating, business-class WiFi, a private meeting room, private phone booths, a nursing/quiet room, member perks, an enclosed playroom for 0-6yo, and programming for both children and adults.

Our in-house espresso bar and café Out Of Office extends a thoughtful menu selection, from house-made vanilla bean oat lattes to house-made cacao milk (AKA “chocolate” milk); from organic grain bowls to organic bentos for kids; from sustainable serveware to sustainable food.  Our retail (food and non-food) partners were all carefully curated, with the commitment to support local companies, small businesses, inclusivity, and community in as many ways as we can.

Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of fostering your family’s work-life integration.

Community Spotlight: MESH space
Community Spotlight: MESH space 5

Tell us a little about you:

My husband and I are the owners, and we were both born and raised in the South Bay.  Moved to Orange County about 11 years ago, but we plan to move back out this way once MESH space stabilizes. There’s no better place to live, in my opinion.  By the way, MESH is an acronym of our family’s first names – Matteo (6yo), Eunice (me), Samuel (almost 8yo), Henry (husband).  We’re honored to serve the best community around!

What do you enjoy doing in the South Bay when you are not working?

We love going on random nature walks, bike rides, and the beach is always a winner in our book.  Love to grab a slice from Pedone’s and hang out at Torrance/Redondo beach.

Do you give back to the community?

Community impact and contribution are incredibly important to us.  Two of our charity partners are This Is About Humanity and Baby2Baby.  We support them through MESH kids, and we will continue our efforts through MESH space.  If you have any local non-profit recommendations tugging at your heart, or you are one and are interested in partnering, I would love to hear from you! ([email protected])

MESH space Co.
1918 South Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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