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Motherhood Survival Kit: 5 Things Every Mom Needs

Motherhood Survival Kit: 5 Things Every Mom Needs

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Motherhood Survival Kit: 5 Things Every Mom Needs
Every mom needs a motherhood survival kit. A survival kit is a collection of items to help someone in a particular situation. In this case the someone is you. The particular situation is the daily joys and woes of motherhood. The collection of items are: Five Things Every Mom Needs!

Motherhood can be so many things; some of those things are delightful and some are just downright tiring. We spend so much of our days giving, caring, loving, and doing so much for those around us. It is extremely important that we refill our cups regularly with the small things that we can do to continue to thrive. Here are the top five things that I feel every mother needs on a regular basis; and in some cases at least once a day.

A Break:

Mama you have to take a break. Have a seat, take a moment to yourself, close your eyes and just breathe. Use this time to acknowledge your exhaustion, acknowledge all the hard work you’ve done, and all that you have put into the day. Take notice of how much you have poured into your family, into your loved ones, and into your work. You have permission to just sit down and have a moment to yourself. You have permission to take a break!


There is no such thing as too much grace. There is no such thing as having enough grace. It is very easy to get wrapped up in all the things that we are not doing and in all the things that we should be doing. Our to-do list just keeps growing, that pile of laundry that never seems to end, and oh the kids want to eat again! We have to give ourselves grace for the things that we can do and the things that we cannot do. We have to give ourselves grace so that we may continue to love ourselves and love our families. We have to give the next mom grace so that she understands that she is not alone. We have to give each other grace because when we see another mom doing the best she can we see ourselves. Grace is that unconditional love and kindness that we give and receive even when we feel like it’s not deserved.

Motherhood Survival Kit: 5 Things Every Mom Needs
A Compliment:

Being a mother is hard work! It is one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding jobs I have ever experienced. With all of the challenges that come with motherhood, with all of the joys that come with motherhood, sometimes we just want to hear that we’re doing a good job. We just want to hear that we’re doing the best we can. We want to know that we are loved for all that we do. Sometimes we just want to hear a compliment, a thank you, for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep our family going.

An Uninterrupted Meal:

You’ve cooked the meal, you’ve ordered the meal, had the meal delivered, or maybe someone else cooked the meal. However you received it; it is now on your dinner table and you just want to sit down and eat. Just as you begin to take your first bite someone needs something. Someone needs water, someone dropped their spoon on the floor, someone doesn’t like the food, etc. You hear the requests coming from your family dinner table, but all you really want to do is sit down and enjoy your delicious dinner with no interruptions. I encourage you to enjoy your dinner with no interruptions! Sit down, eat your meal, and let the kids know that whatever it is that they’re requesting will have to wait until mom is done with her food. It is now mommy‘s turn to sit and enjoy her meal with no interruptions. Side note: if it’s in your budget I challenge you to go out and have a meal or snack by yourself or with one of your girlfriends. Get away to just enjoy an uninterrupted meal alone or in the company of a friend or your spouse.

Time With Her Tribe:

Sometimes motherhood feels lonesome no matter how many play dates we go on, no matter how many birthday parties we attend, no matter how many groups we go to. The truth is there are times when it feels like we just don’t have all the support we need. Every mommy needs her tribe! Every mommy needs a group of friends that she can call, text, laugh with, visit, have fun, pray with, cry with, etc. Say it with me…. every mommy needs her tribe! Every mommy needs time with her tribe at least once a week. Get your time in with your tribe! Put it on your calendar. Schedule it now! Call them, text them, email them, connect with them on social media, etc. Make some time to spend with your tribe! When you can’t see your tribe in person have a seat on the couch and click away on your phone and enjoy some time with your tribe via text. It’s amazing what a few emoji replies from our tribe can do for our mama bear hearts.

Motherhood is fun, motherhood is exciting motherhood is lovely, motherhood is challenging. Motherhood is life! I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know that we are all in this together. Solidarity mama. I encourage you to spend some time in these five things to help you refill your cup regularly. This is our Motherhood Survival Kit!

Melissa Dumaz is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years of experience in psychotherapy. She specializes in guiding clients through the complexities of overcoming emotional and physical trauma. She also helps clients of all ages deal with grief, anxiety, postpartum depression, relationship issues, parenting, transitions in life, family conflict, self-esteem and stress management.  Click here to learn more.

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