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Must Haves for Packing Hospital Bag to Have a Baby!

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Are you heading to the hospital to have a baby? Congratulations! Here is a guide on what to pack in your bag, so you are prepared for the big day. If you’re a first-time parent, one of the most important things to do before your baby is born is pack your hospital bag! This will ensure that you have everything you need when you go to the hospital. In this blog post, I’ll give you a checklist of what to pack in your hospital bag. Stay tuned for more tips and advice on having a new baby!

I recently had a baby and although she was my second, I could not remember what I needed to pack for when I was staying in the hospital.  So I turned to my trusted advisors, our mommy group!  They always have the best ideas.  Here’s the list we came up with!

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Must Haves for Packing Hospital Bag to Have a Baby!

Must Haves to pack For Mom:

  • Birth plan, paperwork, ID, and insurance – the really important stuff
  • Comfy clothes including a nursing top and nursing bra
  • Breast shield– I wish so much I would’ve had this.  It would’ve made breast feeding so much easier.  Everyone is different and you might not need it, but it’s good to have on hand just in case
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  • Toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, face wash, lotion etc.  They will likely have some of these items in the hospital, but always better when you have your own that you love.
  • Chapstick
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  • Robe & slippers or flip flops
  • Hair ties – I lost a few a long the way
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Additional Must Haves to pack:

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  • Extension cord for the chargers
  • Toiletries & change of clothes

Must Haves to pack For Baby:

  • Blanket for swaddling – the hospital blankets aren’t very soft
  • Cute outfit for photos
  • Outfit to go home in

And of course the car seat!  Make sure it’s properly installed before your due date.  And if you need help with installation, reach out to Kristin, CPST Certified Car Seat Technician.

When asked what the must haves are for postpartum recovery, here’s what people said: 

  • Freeze meals ahead of time and schedule food to be delivered from friends/family and have a list of food delivery options.  Amazon Prime Now is a great option for groceries too and included with your Amazon Prime account!
  • Foods with fiber as constipation is common after baby.  Also talk to your OB about stool softeners and laxatives that are safe to take.
  • House Keeper
  • Lots of water! Stay hydrated
  • Lots of maxi pads – heavy

Still working on your registry or what to get when preparing for baby?  Check out my baby registry blog here.  

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