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5 Ways to Have More Fun as a Parent

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5 Ways to Have More Fun as a Parent
To have more fun as a parent means to bring more happiness into your family. When was the last time you laughed so hard that you were in tears? These moments don’t happen as often when responsibilities stack up and we take life too seriously. Moments of happiness are often right in front of our faces but we are too preoccupied to enjoy them. Here are 5 simple ways to have more fun as a parent.

1. Stay in the moment

Do you find yourself in your own head a lot? Perhaps you’re constantly thinking about your responsibilities or overthinking decisions. Whatever it may be, it’s taking you away from a moment that you’re never going to get back. In order to have more fun as a parent, embrace the moment. Time is something that money cannot buy and you may regret not fully enjoying your children right now. A popular way to focus your mind is learning to be mindful. Here is a short guide on how to be more present and mindful. Once you apply this concept, life should be more fulfilling and gratifying.

2. Take care of yourself

Your health is everything. Without good physical health, you cannot throw that basketball with your daughter. Without good mental health, you cannot fully enjoy your cousin’s joke. Good things start from within and spread to others. To take care of yourself make sure to eat properly and in a timely manner. Though you might not think of it, getting hangry can definitely prevent you from having fun with your children. Other ways to take care of yourself are to sleep properly, journal, schedule me-time, and exercise. It is worthy to note that you must give enough to love yourself before you can give any to others.

3. Be spontaneous

It is important to be spontaneous in your relationships with your children. It’s easy to get caught up in routine and dread your daily life, so don’t be afraid to spend time for unplanned fun. Gauge how your child is feeling and what they seem interested in doing so that you can follow along. Doing something unexpected can also be fun for you because it allows for an opportunity to try new things!

4. Go outside

It is fun to do activities in the house, but it is important to be outside as well. As human beings we need sunlight, fresh air, and an open space. Take your kids to a park or even go camping in the backyard. Not only is it a way to have fun, there are so many benefits to being outdoors. You and your family will experience reduced stress, sharpened thinking, increased brain functioning, and an increase in happiness.

5. Be open minded

Let your children decide on what to do once in a while. Let them take the lead and allow them to be creative. It is good to let go of certain rules and let loose sometimes. Perhaps you don’t want your children to play with paint because it makes a mess, but what if that was the one outlet they needed in order to express their emotions? Children express themselves in different ways therefore it is good for them to try different things.

Hopefully these tips inspired you and let us know if there are any good ones we missed!

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