Heal the Bay Report: Best and Worst SoCal Beaches
Heal the Bay Beach Report Card

Heal the Bay Report: Best and Worst SoCal Beaches

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Headed to the beach this weekend? You may want to reconsider which beach you’re headed to. Not all beaches are the same. Some are more family-friendly and cleaner than others. Heal the Bay recently released its annual Beach Report Card and here’s how some of your favorite SoCal beaches stacked up.

Heal the Bay Beach Report Card
Heal the Bay Report: Best and Worst SoCal Beaches 2

Heal the Bay Beach Report Card

The 2021-2022 Heal the Bay Beach Report Card was just released and some very popular Los Angeles beaches made the grade, but a few family favorites hit the top worst list.

First the good news. 94 percent of the California beaches assessed by Heal the Bay received an A or B grade during summer 2021. A total of 51 California beaches scored perfect water quality grades year-round. Among these are six L.A. County beaches including Venice City Beach, as well as, several popular Orange County Beaches, like Doheny State, Dana Point, Huntington City Beach, and Surfside Beach.

The Worst Los Angeles Beaches

While there are many options when it comes to clean, family-friendly beaches, according to the beach report card two of the most popular beaches in L.A. County are among the top ten most polluted beaches in California. Ranking at the number four worst beach is Santa Monica Pier and taking both the fifth and ninth place on the list is Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey. These beaches have some of the highest levels of harmful bacteria in the ocean compared to the rest.

You can check out the full beach report card here. Conditions are constantly changing so it’s always a good idea to get updated pollution reports on local beaches here.

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