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Kindness Club Kidspiration: Thinking Cap & Wishing Crown

August 2, 2020

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Kindness Club Kidspiration: Thinking Cap and Wishing Crown by Roman Wrobel

We are  excited to tell you all about our Kidspiration super star Roman Wrobel! He is going to teach us how to make a thinking cap and wishing crown!

Kindness Club Kidspiration: Thinking Cap & Wishing Crown

Tell us about yourself:

“I am 8 years old and I am going into 3rd grade. I love rock climbing, reading, swimming, play dates, bike riding, boogie boarding, art, building sand castles, music and drumming.”

What is the name of your Kidspiration Idea:

“Thinking Cap and Wishing Crown”

Tell us about Thinking Cap & Wishing Crown idea:

“Roman has been a kindness friend for several years and it has inspired him to be mindful, calm and to share with friends and strangers.  He is a big daydreamer and has trouble concentrating sometimes and mindful techniques help him. Sarabella’s Thinking Cap is one of Roman’s favorite books and it inspired him to make his own thinking cap.”

About the book, Sarabella’s Thinking Cap:

“Sarabella always seems to have her “head in the clouds” thinking about the most amazing things. This makes it hard for her to focus inschool and until the teacher assigns art homework that involves drawing your thoughts, Sarabella has a hard time connecting with her fellow classmates and connecting with school work.  Instead of just doing the assignment, Sarabella takes it one step further and creates a “thinking cap” that becomes a physical representation of all the beautiful thoughts floating around in her mind. It is through this that Sarabella finds herself connecting with her classmates and learning a way to express herself.”

“In the book Sarabella creates a thinking cap from a brown paper bag to
show her imaginings.  Roman wanted to make his own thinking cap of all the things that are on his mind and also one that is things he wishes for. You can choose to combine thoughts and wishes or choose just one or make 2 – a thinking cap or wishing crown! We painted our bag first with watercolors, but you could leave plain or color with crayon or marker too.”

Supplies Needed for Thinking Cap:

  • Paper bag, like a grocery store bag, or construction paper that wraps
    around the head
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Glue (any white school glue, and i put some in a bowl with a brush for
    them to use as well, glue sticks don’t work well on the brown paper
    bags )
  • Magazine clippings of pictures or words of things you think about or wish for
  • Masking tape or stapler
  • Watercolors or crayon or marker
  • Brushes
  • Any craft supplies that you want to use to decorate.  (Ideas: markers, feathers, glitter, your own doodles, magazine clippings, cards, …)

Here’s how we made Thinking Cap & Wishing Crown:

First, cut your paper bag down the side and cut off the bottom. Lay it flat and zig-zag cut all across the top. Use the whole bag, but trim it down before painting. Do this by just placing the crown around the child’s head, then adding an extra inch.

Next, lay out your watercolors or use crayon or markers. Paint the crown and let it dry before moving on to the gluing step. I used a hairdryer or put in sun to dry them quickly.

When they are dry, put out the glue and glue the words and pictures and the rest of the supplies and let them add to their heart’s content! Or if you don’t have magazines you can draw your thoughts. These crowns should dry overnight, flat. You can place them around their heads with a piece of masking tape or staple the next day when they are dry.

What inspired you to share your project with Kindness Club?

“The book called Sarahbella’s Thinking Cap reminded me of my teacher and how kind she is with all children, especially dreamers.”

Is there anything special that you want others to do with the project

Please share your picture and tag it #kindnessclubcraft

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adrien murphy

adrien murphy

Adrien is a second-grade teacher at WISH Charter Elementary School. This will be her 10th year teaching second grade at WISH! She is certified in mindfulness training and that led her to create and run the after-school Kindness Club at her school. She leads a virtual kindness crafts every week with her daughter Zoe. You can see the weekly kindness activities on my Instagram page: @wishkindnessclub . It is her dream to continue to inspire others to share kindness with each other and the world.

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