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Simplify Your Graduation Party Planning with Basic Invite

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Simplify Your Graduation Party Planning with Basic Invite
I can’t believe graduation is right around the corner! It seems like just yesterday I was dropping my son off for his first day of preschool and now in just a few weeks, I’ll have a preschool graduate! Can we all agree just to stop time!? The spring to summer transition is always a pretty busy time for my family and adding in a preschool graduation party only makes it even busier. Thankfully, I stumbled across Basic Invite, which offers custom graduation invitations and let me tell you, as a stationery aficionado, I am in love with Basic Invite’s custom invitations!

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I was fairly surprised when I realized how many beautifully designed templates Basic Invite provides. Not only are the templates beautiful and unique, but once you find one you like, you can customize not just the content, but the colors, the fonts used, the shape of the invitation, the paper quality, and more! Between work, juggling the kids, and planning the rest of my son’s graduation party, Basic Invite’s templates for graduation invitations were a lifesaver! Plus, if you’re like me and have a million photos of your kids in saved on your phone, then you’ll love Basic Invite’s graduation party photo invitations!  I was able to order graduation invitations and include a photo of my son on his first day of preschool!

Helping me to not lose my mind while planning my son’s graduation party aside, here are a few other reasons why I’ve become a Basic Invite customer for life:

  1. Samples! Ever place a large custom order online, pay for it, and then not like the final product when you receive it in the mail? It’s happened to me more than I’d like to admit. The great thing about Basic Invite though, is that Basic Invite allows you to order a printed sample of your actual invitation so you can see exactly how it will print and how the paper will feel before you place your final order.

  2. Unlimited Colors! Once you select a design, you’re able to change the content and customize the design to your taste. And it’s not like you only get a few options—Basic Invite has over 180 color options to choose from! Sick of boring white envelopes? Basic Invite offers 40 different envelope options. My son’s favorite color is blue, so I’m sure you can guess what color envelope I picked for his invitations.

  3. Address Capturing! For the life of me, I can’t recall any of my friends’ addresses? Sure, I can drive to their house, but remembering their address? Uh, no. Luckily, Basic Invite can help out! They offer an address capturing service that connects to your social media accounts and requests your family and friends’ addresses, which are then stored in your Basic Invite account. Talk about making it easy!

Planning a graduation party this season? Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off all their orders with the coupon code: 15FF51. Happy planning!

Simplify Your Graduation Party Planning with Basic Invite

Simplify Your Graduation Party Planning with Basic Invite


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